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Meilleures attractions à visiter à Barcelona

21. Gracia Squares - Barcelona

Gracia Squares

The squares were worked accordingly of the advancement of the previous town of Gràcia and have turned into the concentration of recreational and social life for local people and guests in Barcelona alike. The area is specked with more than 15 of them, spots which manage the cost of light and shade, where individuals can meet and talk: brilliant spaces which show up, nearly off guard, the thin avenues. The squares incorporate scholarly points of interest, for example, the Plaça del Diamant, which gave its name to the novel by the Catalan creator Mercè Rodoreda (converted into English as The Time of the Doves), and noteworthy ones, for example, the underground air-strike covers dating from the Spanish Civil War, and have turned out to be famous images of Gràcia and Barcelona. Toward the south, the Plaça del Raspall and the Plaça del Poble Romaní are frequented by the area's conventional Romany people group. The Plaça Rius i Taulet, where the town lobby stands, has an awe inspiring check tower in the inside. The close-by Plaça del Sol is the place local people go to party, packed with swarmed bars and bistros which are mainstream meeting places for youngsters. The Plaça de la Revolució is more unassuming in scale, and dabbed with trees that give welcome, cooling shade. The square prompts the Carrer Verdi and the adjoining Plaça de la Virreina where the area church of Sant Joan and the specialists' cabins summon the genuine kind of this once little town. The neighboring Plaça del Diamant highlights a figure of La Colometa, the primary character in Rodoreda's novel. On the off chance that you need to escape to more tranquil squares, make a beeline for the Plaça del Nord and the Plaça de Rovira i Tries, which takes its name from the draftsman who is the subject of the figure in the square.


22. Barcelona University - Barcelona

Barcelona University

The Barcelona University is the central focal point of college research in Spain and has turned into an European benchmark for research action, both regarding the quantity of research projects it conducts and the magnificence these have accomplished. As per the 2011 CYD Report, Barcelona University is the most astounding set Spanish college regarding logical yield, with an aggregate of 15,290 papers distributed in the vicinity of 2006 and 2010, additionally driving the positioning of Spanish colleges as far as rate of papers distributed in high effect diaries.


23. Sant Antoni Market - Barcelona

Sant Antoni Market

Amid the week in Sant Antoni Market, you can discover in this market of Barcelona's Eixample Esquerra slows down outside offering a wide range of merchandise, from garments and shoes to homewares and, inside, glimmering showcases of vegetables, organic product, fish and meat. On Sundays, second-hand books and stamps for authorities spellbind the guests to the memorable Sant Antoni Market which holds the engineering, energy and appeal of its origins.The Mercat de Sant Antoni was planned by Antoni Rovira i Trias in 1882.


24. Dona i Ocell de Joan Miró - Barcelona

Dona i Ocell de Joan Miro

A goliath frame distends from one end of the Dona i Ocell de Joan Miró in Barcelona. It is the model Woman and Bird by the Barcelona-conceived craftsman Joan Miró. With a little creative energy we can make out the female shape surmounted by a flying creature in this forcing, splendidly hued work. The Dona i Ocell de Joan Miró model is one of Barcelona's famous masterful points of interest. A couple of months before his passing, Joan Miró went to the commitment of his urban model Woman and Bird.


25. Joan Miró Park - Barcelona

Joan Miro Park

Joan Miró Park is vast stop with bunches of open space is otherwise called the Parc l'Escorxador (so named in light of the fact that it remains on the site of the old civil slaughterhouse) and is utilized by guests and local people from Barcelona's Eixample Esquerra to unwind. This extraordinary urban "lung", brimming with potential outcomes, is situated at the south-west end of the area and is the ideal hors d'oeuvre before you start investigating the stupendous Plaça Espanya. A counterfeit water channel runs parallel to Carrer Tarragona, loaning coolness to this side of the Joan Miró Park.


26. Mercat Del Ninot - Barcelona

Mercat Del Ninot

Mercat Del Ninot is not extremely distant from the Square of Catalonia, but rather adequately covered up not to be on the vacationer visits, Mercat Del Ninot (the market of the tyke) is an exceptionally refreshing business sector by the Catalans who make their every day shopping there. Without amazement, it is of an outright freshness: vegetables, natural products, angle, meat, pork-butcheries of which great stands of Jabugo Ham And to take again your breath, a few tapas bars obviously.


27. Arch of Triumph - Barcelona

Arch of Triumph

In spite of the fact that the Arc de Triomph is "the" image of energetic France, (consistently a major military parade happens from the Arc de Triomphe down the Avenue des Champ Elysees on the fourteenth of July, the Bastille Day, the French National Day), and you have a decent sight over Paris, this vacation destination can be effectively forgotten amid your visit in Paris. Circular segment de Triomphe by nightThe Arch of Triumph is a landmark in Paris that stands in the focal point of the Place de l'étoile, at the western end of the Champs-Élysées.


28. Cel caigut - Barcelona

Cel caigut

Cel caigut (Fallen Sky) is a little, delightful stop, sunny yet with shady regions, straightforward yet unpredictable, is situated in Barcelona's Eixample. A masterful diamond which consolidates the shapes of the land with workmanship, making a recreation center of extraordinary delicacy, where beautiful structures make a stroll through the expansive verdant regions a delight for the faculties. Cel caigut (Fallen Sky) is workmanship with its figures and road lights take after and mix in normally with the characteristic lines of the recreation center.


29. Auditori de Barcelona - Barcelona

Auditori de Barcelona

Auditori de Barcelona (Auditorium), which is situated in the Eixample, covers a surface region of 42,000m2 and is one of Barcelona's chief music scenes. The wood-lined principle assembly room, the Sala Pau Casals, can situate 2,340 individuals and has remarkable acoustics which can be experienced as you appreciate a wide assortment of melodic styles, from symphonic music to shake and the works of artist musicians. Auditori de Barcelona (Auditorium) is the scene for the Barcelona Festival of Contemporary Music, and hosts periods of symphonic, chamber, early, world, choral and current music.


30. Museu de la Música de Barcelona - Barcelona

Museu de la Musica de Barcelona

The Museu de la Música de Barcelona (Catalan naming, English: Music Museum of Barcelona) is an exhibition hall in Barcelona that houses an accumulation of melodic instruments from around the globe and also true to life reports, from old civilisations to new innovations from the 21st century. The Museu de la Música de Barcelona gathering involves 2000 instruments, 500 of which are in plain view, including one of the best guitar accumulations of the world. The exhibition hall covers chronicled, conservational and look into viewpoints and advances the city's melodic legacy.


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