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Meilleures attractions à visiter à Bohol

1. Chocolate Hills - Bohol

Chocolate Hills

A well preserved national treasure indeed – Yap-San Diego Ancestral House is a 17th, Century house located in Cebu City, Philippines. Being the oldest house of the Philippines, it gives out the essence of a long forgotten era. Being a historical museum now, the creaking floor and wooden stairs are the authentic experience for a tourist. Also, religious statues and paintings and the warmth of touching, 95% original roof and walls makes it an overwhelming tourist attraction in Cebu.


2. Blood Compact - Bohol

Blood Compact

The island of Bohol is full of topnotch tourist attractions. One of the most wondrous attractions amongst them is the Blood Compact Site. The bronze statues reminds of the significant friendship between Miguel Lopez and Datu Sikatuna. The souvenir shops offers tangible memories and tourist can also enjoy the special Sandugo festival which is full of balls, sport events, beauty pageants and other attractions. Also, the pleasant view of Bohol Sea serves as a perfect tourist’s backdrop to create some photographic memories.


3. Bohol Python Park - Bohol

Bohol Python Park

The Python and Wildfire Park located in Bohol, Philippines is a terrific destination to terrify your nerves a bit. This place captivates the remains of the largest and the longest python once lived there. With some more snake attractions, this park is amongst the most favorite experiences of the tourists. With the lush Green Park and diverse wild life chaos, this place also offers some homemade cakes, souvenirs and most fun moments to capture and to revive your memories for years.


4. Bohol Tarsier - Bohol

Bohol Tarsier

Visiting the land of 7017 islands and not visiting Bohol Tarsier is a lost opportunity. It’s the only place to meet the world’s smallest primate while enjoying the island’s exquisiteness. The Philippines Tarsier Sanctuary is an absolute exploration spot for its tourists, located amongst other tourist attractions on the island. The sanctuary offers visitor the opportunity to see Tarsier in large enclosures while moving around freely and to capture the moments with the Tarsier - The Symbol of Bohol.


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