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Que faire à Bukit Timah

Meilleures attractions à visiter à Bukit Timah

1. Singapore Botanic Gardens - Bukit Timah

Singapore Botanic Gardens

There are many things to do in Bukit Timah; if you are planning to visit there, be sure to visit the famous Singapore Botanic Gardens. This is, perhaps, one of the most visited sites in the whole country, offering 15 decades of Singaporean history. But, what makes the gardens so impressive is that it is one of three gardens around the world that are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, marking Bukit Timah as a wonder for tourism. Let’s take a look at the things to do in Singapore Botanic Gardens. Firstly, the gardens are a haven for plants, comprising a total of around 10,000 plant species. So if you have a passion for discovering plants and its different species, this is the ultimate place for you in Bukit TImah. The site also has its very own rainforest, which is an area of the tropical rainforest that was utilized for covering the island. Visitors can also explore the many areas of the site including the Botany Centre, Bonsai Garden, Sun Garden, Bandstand, Swan Lake, Evolution Garden, and much more. If you want something for your souvenir, feel free to stop by at one of the shops to buy flowers and plants of your liking. There are also several restaurants that you can go to for munching on your favorite snacks.


2. National Orchid Garden - Bukit Timah

National Orchid Garden

Singapore offers a great fusion of culture and modern architecture. If you are unsure of the many things to do in Bukit Timah, you can always go to National Orchid Garden, where you can fulfill your passion for nature and plants. This garden comprises of almost 60,000 plants species, including 2000 belonging to hybrid plant species. There are many things to do in National Orchid Garden. First and foremost, the garden has a number of carefully crafted landscaped trails, offering you a great opportunity to walk by and marvel at the plethora of orchids from around the world. The site is also well known for showcasing plants according to its different color zones. It consists of ‘spring’, ‘autumn’, ‘summer’, and ‘winter’, each with a unique blend of flower colors. Secondly, you have the opportunity to go on one of its many guided tours and walks, including cycling to experience an environment full of flowers and nature. Tours, such as the Check Jawa guided tour starting from 12th April, offers a unique insight to the many ecosystems, in addition to the many species of wildlife that inhabit the areas. Because of this, you have many chances to take mesmerizing photos of wildlife and nature and use it as a souvenir for remembering an unforgettable trip to the National Orchid Garden.


3. MacRitchie Reservoir - Bukit Timah

MacRitchie Reservoir

Bikut Timah is a fascinating part of Singapore, and a spectacular place to visit for tourists. There are many things to do in Bikut Timah, such as visiting natural reserves, gardens, and places of historical significance. One place, however, that you should definitely go to is the MacRitchie Reservoir. As the earliest reservoirs in Singapore, the MacRitchie Reservoir was developed in the year 1868, prior to which the majority of the area was covered with forests. The reservoir provides an array of activities for tourists. So if you are planning to visit Bikut Timah this summer, the MacRitchie Reservoir should definitely be on your top destinations. Moving on to the things to do in MacRitchie Reservoir. The reservoir is next to the MacRitchie Reservoir Park in which you can have a quality time with your friends and family members. If you are a bird lover, there are plenty of opportunities for you to marvel at the wide variety of birds in the park due to the site’s close proximity to a nature reserve. Secondly, you can also taste the thrill of the site’s available water sports such as canoeing, or go on more challenging activities of hiking. The 12 hectares of the park is also ideal for catching up on your workout sessions and calm your senses through meditation.


4. Memories at Old Ford Factory - Bukit Timah

Memories at Old Ford Factory

Singapore may be a great tourist destination due to its splendid skyscrapers and hubs of economic activity. But the significance of its history is just as important as its architecture for tourists. Attractions such as Memories at Old Ford Factory, for example, showcase an exhibition gallery of the British surrender to the Japanese during the Second World War. The center contains a wide range of books, drawings of prisoners, ration book, and interactive maps that highlight the plight of the British forces under the Japanese Occupation. As such, the center provides many windows of learning through which visitors can obtain vast details and information about world war history. If you thought the things to do in Bukit Timah were too few, this is certainly one place that erases all doubts. There are many things to do in Memories at Old Ford Factory. You get to go on guided tours around the factory and explore the finer details capturing the war during the Second World War and the after effects of the Malayan Campaign. Tours can be booked in advance, in addition to venue rental services. On the tour, you will explore many areas, such as the Boardroom of Surrender, Syonan Garden, Internment of Prisoners of War, and more.


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