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Que faire a Zagreb

Que faire à Zagreb

Zagreb is made for walking. Meander through the Upper Town's red-rooftop and cobblestone wonder, peppered with chapel towers. Extend your head to see the vaults and fancy upper-floor ornamentation of the Lower Town's blend of secessionist, neobaroque and workmanship deco structures. Inquiry out the ...

Que faire a Dubrovnik

Que faire à Dubrovnik

With its wonderful area, fronting the quiet blue waters of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik is one of the world's most brilliant walled cities.Today Dubrovnik is the proudest quill in Croatia's vacationer top, a tip top goal and a standout amongst the most excellent towns in the Mediterranean.The primary draw is ...

Que faire a Hvar

Que faire à Hvar

Hvar is the fourth biggest of Croatia's islands at 182 square miles (300 square km) in size. It is much sunnier than Brac, getting right around 2,800 hours of daylight for each year. Hvar is Croatia's most happening island, a goal for celebs, rich revelers and guests acquainted with five-star extravagance ...

Que faire a Korcula

Que faire à Korčula

The 6th biggest island in Croatia, Korcula is 20 miles in length and somewhat restricted, somewhere in the range of 4 and 5 miles wide. This island is known for its thick timberland and the old Greeks called the island Black Korcula (Kerkyra melaina) for this reason.The island itself is wealthy in ...

Que faire a Split

Que faire à Split

Croatia's second-biggest city, Split (Spalato in Italian) is an extraordinary place to see Dalmatian life as it's truly lived. Continually humming, this extravagant city has quite recently the correct harmony among custom and advancement. One day is sufficiently only to see the primary destinations inside ...

Que faire en Istrie

Que faire en Istrie

Istria is a standout amongst the most famous goals for outside guests to Croatia and its towns of Umag and Porec consistently top yearly surveys of the best occasion resorts in Croatia.It shocks no one that this piece of Croatia is like Italy since they're neighbors. Be that as it may, did you realize that ...

Que faire au parc national des lacs de Plitvice

Que faire au parc national des lacs de Plitvice

Plitvice Lakes National Park ought to be on your Croatian basin list without a doubt. Plitvice is an outfit of 16 characteristic lakes. With its outstanding characteristic magnificence, this region has dependably pulled in nature sweethearts, and right now on 8 April 1949, it was broadcasted Croatia's ...

Que faire a Sibenik

Que faire à Šibenik

Šibenik is little Croatian city situated on the Adriatic drift, in the sound of the Krka stream. It is famous tourist goal with two UNESCO secured landmarks, forcing fortifications, saved nature and delightful beaches.One such mystery is Sibenik, an Unesco-ensured house of God, Game of Thrones areas, a ...