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Que faire à Goa

Meilleures attractions à visiter à Goa

31. Temples in Goa - Goa

Temples in Goa

There Are Many Temples In GOA Some Of the most famous Temples In GOA are given Below,
Bhagwati Devi Temple (Pernem), Brahma Temple, Shri Chandranath Temple, Shri Datta Mandir, Shri Gopal Ganapati Temple (Farmagudi), Kamakshi Saunsthan Temple, Lairai Mandir, Madanant Mandir, Maha Ganapati Temple,Mahalsa Temple (Mardol), Mahalaxmi Temple, Shri Navdurga Saunsthan, Shri Ramnath Temple (Ramnathi), Shri Rudreshwar Temple, Shri Saptakoteshwar Temple, Shri Sapteshwar Bhagvati Temple, Shri Vithal Mandir.
These Temples Are very Famous in GOA many Hindus Religion People Are worship there


32. Safa Masjid - Goa

Safa Masjid

Safa Masjid, additionally called the Safa Shahouri Masjid is one of the most seasoned mosques in Goa. It was worked by Ibrahim Adil Shah in 1560. Safa is Arabic for "Unadulterated" and the mosque appropriately legitimizes the term. The single chambered mosque has an unobtrusive supplication room and an earthenware rooftop. General auxiliary system is very like a long time past style Portuguese home, found in Goa till date.


33. Church of Our Lady of Rosary` - Goa

Church of Our Lady of Rosary

The Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rosary is a Roman Catholic church in Doha, Qatar. It is situated, alongside holy places of other Christian divisions, at the Religious Complex in Abu Hamour.[1] It is the main church worked in the nation since the Muslim successes in the seventh century.The church was developed at a cost of around $20 million ashore given by the Emir of Qatar, Hamad container Khalifa Al Thani.[3] Due to the laws in Islamic Qatar, the Church shows no Christian images like crosses, ringers, or a steeple on its outside.


34. Ruins of the Church of St. Augustine - Goa

Ruins of the Church of St Augustine

The church was constructed in 1602 by Augustinian friars who had arrived in Old Goa in 1587 and was abandoned in 1835 In 1931 the facade and half the tower fell down, followed by more sections in 1938. .As Old Goa emptied due to a continual series of deadly epidemics, the church fell into neglect and the vault collapsed in 1842. The tower’s huge bell was moved in 1871 to the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Panaji, where it can be seen (and heard) today.


35. Church of Mae de Deus (Saligao) - Goa

Church of Mae de Deus Saligao

This Church at Saligao, which is situated in the Bardez taluka, was built in 1873. Stark, stern and yet with a glamorous charm all its own, the Mae de Deus or Mother of God Church is a breath-taking site.Situated amidst picturesque surroundings of the typical Goan countryside, It is amongst the finest in the Gothic style and is attractively illuminated at night. With its Gothic spires and pristine white walls, it reminds one of a fairytale castle.


36. Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount - Goa

Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount

Despite the fact that its separated area frequently prompts this little church being neglected, it is surely justified regardless of a stop on a voyage through Velha Goa (Old Goa). With straightforward outsides, sumptuous insides and abundance of recorded centrality, this chapel is the thing that one may call a concealed fortune. Its plain whitewashed dividers display a delightful picture at nightfall, and the view from its vantage point is genuinely amazing. Arranged as it is on the Monte close to the Church of St. Cajetan, it disregards the region of the Mandovi and the islands of Devar and Chorao.


37. Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church - Goa

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church

Constructed in the 16th Century, this church started off as a small chapel which was later turned into a church earlier in the seventeenth century. A unique zigzag staircase was installed to the church in the eighteenth century which adds to its already unique appearance. The things to do in the Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church actually depend upon your interest. If you are like to see bright colorful architecture, then your visit to this church will be well worth it. The church might not have the best of architecture, but it surely has a colorful interior which, for many people, is a reason enough to visit this place. Moreover, the church has three altars; the main altar is dedicated to Mary, while the other two are dedicated to Jesus and the Lady of the Rosary. Apart from the main altar; the other two are gold plated. Another thing about this church is that it happens to be the chapel of Saint Francis Xavier from the Basilica of Bom Jesus. There is simply a never ending list of things to do in India, but when going to Goa, visiting the Immaculate Conception Church should be a part of your list.


38. Church of St Cajetan or Divine Providence - Goa

Church of St Cajetan or Divine Providence

Disputed a standout among St the most excellent churches in Goa, this generous old building remains in Old Goa, upper east of the Se Cathedral. In spite of the fact that the Church was initially committed to Our Lady of Divine Providence, it is all the more normally known as the Church of St. Cajetan, who was a contemporary of St. Francis Xavier and the originator of the Order of ministers called the Theatines. This is presumably because of their commitment and the lengths they went to, to get the church worked in any case.


39. Convent and Church of St Francis of Assisi - Goa

Convent and Church of St Francis of Assisi

The Church of St. Francis of Assisi was built in 1661 by the Portuguese in the Portuguese Viceroyalty of India. The convent and church of St. Francis of Assisi is situated at Old Goa. During the Portuguese rule. With their hard effort first they constructed a little chapel and latter in the year 1661, they transform the chapel into church on the same place. Originally this church and surrounded convent was founded by Eight Franciscan, who arrived in the year 1517.


40. Church of St. Alex - Goa

Church of St Alex

The current church was inherent 1741 by the Communidades (town groups) with the assistance of gifts. The towers were raised in 1765. There is a "vault falsa" of Indian style. Its principle haven "capelamor" was reconstructed on July 16, 1916 and favored on July 16, 1916. The church was endowed to the diocesan ministry in the year 1767. In the church yard there is a Grotto of Our woman of Lourdes, it was the primary cavern devoted to the Our Lady in whole Goa.


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