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Que faire à Pingtung County

Meilleures attractions à visiter à Pingtung County

1. Cape Eluanbi - Pingtung County

Cape Eluanbi

The cape was perceived as the southernmost purpose of the scope of the realm amid Japanese pilgrim periods, and was an essential collider of war delivery. One of the major whaling station on Taiwan by Japanese industry was additionally arranged in this time .focusing on humpback whales in Nan Wan and Banana Bay and jawbones of baleen whales were held as the curve at the Garanpi Shrine (Shintoism) which was wrecked alongside the Lighthouse amid the Second World War.

It is the southernmost end of Central Mountain Range and some portion of Kenting National Park. It is otherwise called Ngoluanpi, Goa-credit pi, and South Cape. Confronting the Luzon Strait and the Bashi Channel, it is the southernmost purpose of terrain Taiwan. There is a beacon arranged on Cape Eluanbi, called Eluanbi Lighthouse. It was one of equipped beacon right off the bat worked by Qing administration, and was decimated by the tradition itself at the purpose of withdrawing, and was re-worked by Japanese government in 1898. The beacon was again demolished amid the World War, and was reestablished after the war. It was picked as one of Eight Views of Taiwan in frontier times.

The cape is situated in the Eluanbi Park.Nature holds, for example, the Longkeng Ecological Protection Area securing coral reefs and virgin forst of Banana Bay and Hengchun Peninsula. 26 types of land crabs possess in the range and which is the most astounding assorted qualities of earthbound crabs in single regions on the planet. In spite of the fact that whales no longer or if in little numbers move into the zone, different life forms, for example, littler cetaceans and dolphins, ocean turtles, and bull sharks.


2. Kenting National Park - Pingtung County

Kenting National Park

The scene gloated by Kenting National Park is isolated into two sections by the long and restricted Hengchun Longitudinal Valley Plain that stretches out from north to south. With coral ocean bluffs abounded with bordering reefs along the west drift, the recreation center components a substantial number of mountains in the north, and coral tablelands and foothills in the south. The plain, which is shaped by blame valleys, has a limitless lake called Longlyuantan, together with rising coral tablelands and limestone caverns toward the east. The east side of the coral tablelands highlights one of a kind sand waterways and sand waterfalls framed by the joined impacts of winds and streams, and additionaally coral precipices, indented hollows and stalactites.

Eluanbi Lighthouse was finished in 1883, after solicitations from the American and Japanese governments to the Chinese government after a few wrecks happened in the 1860s (counting the Rover occurrence). Chinese troops must be sent to shield the beacon amid development from assaults by nearby tribesmen, and the beacon was encompassed by a fortress with guns and a jettison for protection.It is one of the uncommon cases in the realm of a strengthened beacon. The beacon itself is 21.4 meters (70 ft) high and its light is 56.4 meters (185 ft) over the tidal high water. The light flashes at regular intervals and its range is 27.2 nautical miles (50.4 km).


3. National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium - Pingtung County

National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium

Getting ready for the gallery started in 1991, and the historical center itself was opened on February 25, 2000.[1] notwithstanding the exhibition hall, the recreation center encompassing the exhibition hall is an outside water stop (the biggest in Taiwan).

The aggregate territory of the recreation center is 96.81 hectares (968,100 m2), while the gallery itself covers 35.81 hectares (358,100 m2). The historical center has three fundamental shows: Waters of Taiwan, Coral Kingdom Pavilion and World Waters Pavilion.The exhibition hall likewise has a 81-meter (266 ft) submerged moving track, the biggest submerged passage in Asia. The building additionally has a few noteworthy divisions including the analysis community for sea-going life, open offices, investigate offices, upkeep offices, a universal gathering focus, and a scholastic research center.In March of 2013, Environment and Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST) blamed NMMBA for keeping its whale shark in a tank that was too little for a profound water creature. The shark, which is named "powerless" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, had been kept at the aquarium since 2004. EAST asserted that the creature has scars on its tail from hitting coral and the sides of the tank. An authority at the aquarium expressed that there were arrangements to label discharge the shark sooner rather than later.

On July 10, the aquarium was again condemned for discharging the shark, without a GPS beacon, in a way that made it be stranded on the shoreline twice before being towed out to ocean. As indicated by an EAST representative, "What the aquarium did was not discharge the whale shark, the aquarium really relinquished the shark". EAST communicated worried about the shark's capacity to battle for itself following eight years in imprisonment and the absence of a GPS beacon that would have enabled researchers to take after its encouraging. As indicated by the head of NMMBA, Wei-hsien Wang, it "didn't jump out at us that it would decline to swim away yet rather would wait close to the shore".


4. South Bay - Pingtung County

South Bay

Offering an eatery, Full House - South Bay Sea is situated in Nanwan. Free WiFi get to is accessible. Each room here will furnish you with a digital TV and ventilating. There is additionally an electric pot. Highlighting a shower, private washroom additionally accompanies a hairdryer. Additional items incorporate a clothes washer, a work area and bed material.

At Full House - South Bay Sea you will discover grill offices, a porch and a bar. A variety of exercises can be delighted in on location or in the environment, including angling, jumping and snorkeling. The property offers free stopping. The zone around the shoreline gives offices, for example, evolving rooms, toilets, rental and offer of swimming gear, eateries and paarking. Basic exercises at the shoreline and its encompassing regions are swimming, surfing, snorkeling, scuba jumping and so forth. Situated in southern Taiwan, Kenting offers delightful sea and normal views, warm atmospheres, and is additionally a heaven for water exercises which charms huge quantities of nearby and remote vacationers consistently. The staggering shorelines of Kenting are Nanwan (South Bay), Little Bay, Baisha, and so forth.

Opposite Nanwan shoreline are Kenting Hotel and eateries that brag eminent sea sees. For ones searching for unique water exercises, there are shops offering plunging lessons and visits for your Kenting travel. This property is additionally appraised for the best an incentive in Nanwan! Visitors are getting more for their cash when contrasted with different properties in this city.


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