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में घूमने योग्य सबसे अच्छे आकर्षण Bangkok

41. Pratunam Market - Bangkok

Pratunam Market

More than a shopping knowledge, the market offers a submersion in the neighborhood lifestyle – sellers working their sewing machines, pressing and unloading orders, trucking trolleys all over the tight passageways, and yelling tattle at each other for absence of a superior thing to do. It offers a stark look into what shopping used to resemble before ventilated shopping centers.

Shops and seller slows down at Pratunam Market show a wide range of garments, from shorts, T-shirts, formal night dresses, suits, winter coats to peculiar outfits and ensembles


42. Puppet Show at Aksra Theatre - Bangkok

Puppet Show at Aksra Theatre

The Bangkok Traditional Puppet Show at Aksra Theater is one of Bangkok's must-see attractions. Occurring on an intricate stage, people stories are told through the exemplary specialty of puppetry. Instead of being shrouded away, the puppeteers are especially some portion of the show. Three puppeteers control the legs, arms and leader of every manikin. Wearing dark, they mix away from plain sight while the vivid manikins woken up. Both the manikins and puppeteers move alongside the live symphony, including a blend of Thai and European instruments.


43. Queen Sirikit Park - Bangkok

Queen Sirikit Park

Underneath the very much manicured surface there's really an instructive mission this stop is attempting to accomplish. A few zones of the recreation center are given to particular sorts of plants that are imperative to Thai culture in somehow. There is a huge range of lotus lakes close to the focal point of the recreation center, while on the northern side is a major palm forest. On the eastern side close to the Children's Museum is a bamboo woods that incorporates some little rice paddies .


44. Rot Fai Gardens - Bangkok

Rot Fai Gardens

Spoil Fai Park (Suan Rot Fai) is a wide green breadth which was at one time a fairway however now is a to a great degree prominent bike and cookout spot. Situated close Chatuchak Market in the north of Bangkok, you will discover swarms of bicycle riders consistently, pulled in by the lavish nature that flourishes all around. Feathered creatures, reptiles, turtles and many great old tress make an excellent setting to a comfortable cycle around the 2 km bitumen cycle track. The cycle track is level and simple to ride.


45. Royal Thai Air Force Museum - Bangkok

Royal Thai Air Force Museum

The Royal Thai Air Force Museum is a little yet shockingly fascinating plane gathering concealed away close to the old Don Muang Airport. Beyond any doubt it doesn't contrast and renowned huge air historical centers you can discover in Paris, London or USA, yet as it is regularly forgetten it is really a decent astonishment.

Covering the whole history of Thai Aviation since the primary twofold winged planes, around thirty planes are shown halfway outside, incompletely indoor inside two or three huge sheds changed over into a gallery.


46. Sampeng Market - Bangkok

Sampeng Market

Sampeng Lane Market practically aggregates up the entire shopping knowledge of Chinatown – and, to some degree, the encompassing Old City range; it's hot, occupied, and the limited paths regularly turn out to be excessively congested with merchants offering everything from textures, modest garments and hardware. And additionally the consistent stream of person on foot activity, handcars, exhausted vespers and the incidental truck flooding with new deliver all add to the frenzy. Be that as it may, this conclusively feverish nature of Sampeng is all piece of the good times.


47. Sanam Chandra Palace - Bangkok

Sanam Chandra Palace

Worked in 1907 in the residential community of Nakhon Pathom, Sanam Chandra Palace is set in a lovely stop loaded with monster trees and flawlessly manicured yards twisting around lakes and lakes. Amidst this garden stands the most far-fetched assembling, a yellow château deserving of a Cinderella children's story. Found fifty kilometers west of Bangkok Nakhom Pathom is notable for the world's tallest stupa called 'Phra Pathom Chedi', yet in spite of being found just a kilometer from it, this irregular illustrious castle is just gone by a modest bunch of nearby tourists.This wonderful green stop.


48. Sanam Luang - Bangkok

Sanam Luang

On a hot day, Sanam Luang (Royal Field) is a long way from enchanting: a shadeless scope of biting the dust grass and solid asphalt ringed by herds of pigeons and vagrants. However regardless of its shabby appearance, it has been at the focal point of illustrious service since Bangkok was established.

Vast memorial service fires are built here amid expound, however rare, illustrious incinerations, and clarify the field's substitute name, Thung Phra Men (Cremation Ground). The last incineration that occurred there was for the King Rama VI's just little girl, HRH Princess Bejaratana Rajasuda in 2012.


49. Church of Santa Cruz - Bangkok

Church of Santa Cruz

The cream-shaded Church of Santa Cruz is about the main piece of information that this piece of Bangkok was before the range where Portuguese traders and teachers once lived in the early years of Bangkok. The congregation was initially implicit the late eighteenth century when Thonburi was quickly settled as the capital of Thailand. It was revamped in 1834 and again in 1913.

There's very little else to demonstrate that this region was before the home of the biggest western nearness in Thailand amid the early years of Bangkok.


50. Santichaiprakarn Park - Bangkok

Santichaiprakarn Park

It is elusive green space in Bangkok, particularly one that gives you both the tranquility to leave in your own brain and the sights and sounds to keep you charmed and introduce at the time. At Santichaiprakarn Park, the decision to be in either perspective is yours. The parks numerous great elements – the fabulous Santichaiprakarn position of royalty corridor, the antiquated lamphu trees, or the noteworthy Phra Sumen Fort. The octagonal white block and stucco structure is three stories high and once housed weapons and ammo.


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