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में घूमने योग्य सबसे अच्छे आकर्षण Bangkok

51. Santiphap Park - Bangkok

Santiphap Park

Santiphap Park was opened to the general population on August 18, 1998. The name Santiphap, signifying "peace", and additionally the date of the recreation center's opening, remember the finish of World War II, which occurred 53 years before. The bird is the image of Santiphap Park. A darkened bronze model arranged in the recreation center's focal lake delineates a bird conveying in its nose an olive branch with five blooms, speaking to the spread of peace all through the world. The figure depends on a drawing by Pablo Picasso.


52. Siam Ocean World Bangkok - Bangkok

Siam Ocean World Bangkok

Sea LIFE Bangkok Ocean World (previously Siam Ocean World) is found two stories underneath the fabulous Siam Paragon shopping center. It is an amphibian wonderland the extent of three Olympic swimming pools loaded with fascinating creatures from the sea profound. This underground aquarium, one of the biggest in Southeast Asia, will astonish you with imaginative world-class displays and more than 30,000 inquisitive looking animals from different profundities and amphibian locales over the globe. One of Ocean World's highlights is the Ocean Tunnel that gives one the sentiment strolling on the sea floor.


53. Sky Bar at State Tower - Bangkok

Sky Bar at State Tower

Made significantly more acclaimed by facilitating the Hangover II young men amid shooting in Bangkok, Sky Bar housetop at Lebua State Tower offers one of the best perspectives in the city. 63 stories up and neglecting the stream, it has turned into an absolute necessity accomplish for a sundowner mixed drink. Around ten minutes' stroll from Saphan Taksin BTS it is anything but difficult to discover, simply gaze upward and stroll towards the tall cream working with the gold arch on the rooftop. It may not be the most loose involvement as individuals will run here on a sunny morning and it gets swarmed.


54. Snake Farm - Bangkok

Snake Farm

Disregard all that you may have found in any purported 'snake Farm' in visitor areas of Thailand. On the off chance that you are even slightly inquisitive about the universe of reptiles the Bangkok Snake Farm at the Red Cross Institute is a genuine disclosure. It's enlightening as much as captivating and can even help battle a portion of the unjustified dread of these creatures you may have. It is amazing to acknowledge what a small number of snakes are really unsafe and what number of are a gift to have around your home.


55. Soi Rambuttri - Bangkok

Soi Rambuttri

Some portion of Rambuttri runs parallel to Khao San, however regardless of being found so near to these two boulevards are diverse universes. Rambuttri gives you an essence of how Bangkok used to look before every one of the high rises arrived.

The street bends around Wat Chana Songkhram and as you stroll along, the brilliant top of the sanctuary flies up over a lodging and you can sneak a look at the friar's quarters down the rear ways.


56. Mariamman Temple - Bangkok

Mariamman Temple

Mariamman Hindu sanctuary is a wild impact of hues, shapes and gods. It was implicit the 1860s by Tamil foreigners and components a 6m exterior of entwined, full-shading Hindu divinities. While a large portion of the general population working in the sanctuary hail from the Indian subcontinent, you will probably observe a lot of Thai and Chinese aficionados asking here also. This is on the grounds that the Hindu divine beings figure similarly as conspicuously in their individualistic way to deal with religion.


57. Suan Pakkad Palace - Bangkok

Suan Pakkad Palace

Suan Pakkad Palace is a place to discover dreams of Thailand you thought since a long time ago vanished in Bangkok. Its name signifies 'cabbage fix', in reference to when the land was simply recently that. Today, be that as it may, it's an all around tended tropical garden with peaceful lakes encompassing eight customary Thai houses, each of which overflows to flooding with expressive arts, collectibles and peculiarities having a place with Prince and Princess Chumbhot.

These uncommon things of painted earthenware, bronze weapons and devices, confirm a Southeast Asian civilisation that equivalents Egypt and Stonehenge as far as mechanical and social headway.


58. Klong Suan Old market - Bangkok

Klong Suan Old market

Exceptionally old Khlong Suan old market is off the beaten path, to put it pleasantly, or amidst no place, to be limit, however for an odd sustenance encounter that may be a highlight of your outing — it's justified regardless of the exertion.

Khlong Suan is a trench that was at one time the speediest approach to travel from Bangkok to the all the more easterly Bang Pakong River and past. The market jumped up along this channel over 100 years prior, and has since quite a while ago gone about as a focal meeting point for brokers, voyagers and ranchers from all over focal and eastern Thailand.


59. Thai Human Imagery Museum - Bangkok

Thai Human Imagery Museum

The historical center of Human Imagery is to Thai individuals what Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is to whatever is left of the world. This pleasant yet to some degree obscure historical center found fifty kilometers outside Bangkok, just before achieving Nakorn Pathom, was constructed two decades prior however was as of late redesigned to wind up noticeably the excellent and agreeable show it is presently. Individuals ordinarily drive straight through this region; very few notice the gallery and even less set aside the opportunity to stop and appreciate the nature of craftsmanship of these shockingly practical statues.


60. Thailand Creative & Design Centre - Bangkok

Thailand Creative Design Centre

Asia's initially configuration learning and asset office, the Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC), was set up to cultivate the nation's innovativeness and motivate imaginative thoughts among outline experts and business people. TCDC is a piece of the Thai government's endeavor to construct Thailand as a learning based society under the supervision of the Office of Knowledge Management and Development.

The TCDC is simply the wellspring of learning and involvement with a climate that empowers creative energy and inventiveness. The setting itself is as in vogue and hip as the goals driving the venture,


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