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में घूमने योग्य सबसे अच्छे आकर्षण Cape Town

31. Sandy Bay - Cape Town

Sandy Bay

The Sandy Bay is one of the most important tourist spots in South Africa. It is basically a nudist beach, which is situated adjacent to Llandudno that falls between Cape Town and Cape Point. In order to get to the beach, you would either have to climb the rocks that are at the southern side of Llandudno, or you would have to take a 20 minute walk from the car park to the Hout Bay. The area is mostly crowded, so in order to get a good parking space, it is recommended that you get there early. The area is pretty secluded, and the water is cool and clear. It is pretty pleasant to visit the Sandy Bay during the summers because it is windy that time of the year. The area is surrounded by mountains and dunes, and if you will walk 15 minutes from Llandudno, then you will come across a very beautiful trail. The place is very popular amongst people who love nature, and is a famous cruising spot for the gay community. So if you are fond of nature and want to spend time by the beach, then don’t forget to visit the Sandy Bay, when you are in Cape Town for your next vacation.


32. Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve - Cape Town

Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve

The Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve is a bit different because it is a lot wilder than most reserves. Most reserves seem to be made in order to ensure that people enjoy their time, but this is a true reserve and nature is at first priority. It might bother some people but if you are into adventure then you need to put this in your things to do list. It is just an hour’s ride away from Cape Town so visiting it is easy. When you are out here for a walk it truly feels like you are out in the wild, having a picnic here is a fantastic way to pass the time. Walking and picnics aren’t the only activities you can do at Hottentots Holland Nature Reserve. If you want to have an exhilarating experience you have to try the Zipline experience available here. It feels crazy to zipline at such a height over wilderness. This reserve is also a fantastic place if you are into kloofing, an activity which involves descending steep ravines and exploring beautiful spots. There are hiking related activities available as well. We would highly recommend spending a day here if you have the time.


33. Cape Town Stadium - Cape Town

Cape Town Stadium

The Cape Town Stadium is something you cannot miss while you are in Cape Town. It is a beautiful and uniquely designed stadium and stands out from its surroundings. The stadium was made for the FIFA World cup hosted by South Africa and has been a fantastic venue for other events as well. When it was made for the world cup it had a capacity of 65000, now the capacity has been reduced to 55,000 in order to make accommodations to enable other types of events at the venue as well. The biggest events in Cape Town happen at the Cape Town Stadium. Some of the world’s biggest and best artists such as Eminem, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, and Rihanna have had performances at this stadium. Coldplay had a show here as well. The stadium is the home ground for Ajax Cape Town F.C., and has also hosted rugby tournaments. We would highly recommend going here when an event is on and feeling the fun atmosphere. There is also a huge urban park around the stadium so you will have a lot of things to do. Most of all the stadium is a beautiful site.


34. Helderberg South Africa - Cape Town

Helderberg South Africa

Helderberg South Africa is the premier wine-producing area around Cape Town. It also has a nature reserve built within it which means that you will have many things to do if you make time to go to this area. It is named after the mountain which forms its backdrop. There are many different areas included within this region. If you are travelling with family then you should go to the farm that is built here. It allows children to interact with the animals in a very fun manner. You also have many options for biking and other outdoor activities. The nature reserve in Helderberg South Africa is fantastic as well. It is very wild and allows for a true adventure. If you are interested in wines then you cannot miss the Lourensford Wine Estate and the Vergelegen Estate. Both are fantastic and classy places to visit and you will be able to taste some very pleasant wines while you are here. The gardens in the estates are also very beautiful and if you are on a romantic tour then it is the perfect place to spend time with your loved one. It is a fantastic place to have a nice and peaceful picnic.


35. Good Hope Centre - Cape Town

Good Hope Centre

The Good Hope Centre, which is located in Cape Town, consists of an exhibition hall and a conference centre. The exhibition centre is extremely spacious and is spread over an area of 4,500 sqm and can withhold around 7,000 people. The place is extremely famous amongst the locals as well as visitors because several important events and shows are held here. The international netball test was held here and it seems most likely that the ITTF World Cadet final will also take place here. The place is a very important landmark for the people of Cape Town because of the events that are held here. The architecture of the building is very beautiful, and it was designed by the famous architect, Pier Luigi Nervi. One of the most unique things about the structure of the building is the domed roof. However, with time the building is facing some problems as there are waterproofing issues due to the cracks on the roof. In the year 2013, the city government hosted a design workshop in order to discuss the ways in which the building can be renovated. Make sure you visit the Good Hope Centre, the next time you visit the Cape Town in South Africa.


36. Babylonstoren - Cape Town


Babylonstoren is, in our opinion, the most beautiful place to stay in the whole area. It has a fantastic hotel and a breathtakingly beautiful garden. Even if you aren’t staying here you should definitely include the garden of this place in your things to do list. The gardens are the best example of modern horticultural art we have a scene. You can just get lost in them on a long walk and enjoy the beautiful visuals that appear at every step. There is a line to enter the gardens during busy tourist seasons and you will understand completely why people would queue up for a garden once you have been here. Babylonstoren’s garden covers an area of 8 acres and each and every bit of it is a delight to see. The best part is that all the plants being grown are edible, which means you get to see the plants you are used to seeing but in the most favored conditions. You have never seen vegetables and fruits this fresh. This garden is, even more, amazing if you are a gardener yourself, as there is a fantastic volunteer program. No one who is interested in gardening should miss the chance to help at one of the best gardens in the world.


37. Duiker Island - Cape Town

Duiker Island

Duiker Island is also sometimes referred to as Seal Island, but this is not the Seal Island that is famous. This gets called the Seal Island because it has the exact same attraction. It is also nearby; it takes 15 minutes from Hoyt Bay on a boat to be able to reach this island. Do note that you cannot get off the boat and walk on to the island. The actual island is very small, and this attraction will only take an hour or two total to enjoy to its fullest. If you are at Hoyt Bay then we would highly recommend coming here. Duiker Island is completely covered with seals; it almost looks like the whole island is carpeted with them. The seals are also very playful and will make lots of noises as you pass them by. They also make for a good photo opportunity if you have a good camera that can take pictures from a distance. Seals are usually seen only in closed habitats, so to see them here in their natural habitat free and happy I a great spectacle. If you are travelling with family then this attraction is sure to please people of ages.


38. Cape Peninsula, South Africa - Cape Town

Cape Peninsula South Africa

Hugging the Atlantic Ocean, spanning over 52 kilometers, Cape Peninsula is a breathtaking getaway holiday spot and a beautiful tourist destination. From enjoying delectable food to water-based activities and sightseeing, Cape Peninsula promises fun, adventure and excitement to everyone who comes here. There are plenty of things that you can do when you visit Cape Peninsula. Right at the tip of this peninsula on the south is Cape Point, set between the spectacular scenery and rocky coastline. Here, tourists get to see a wide variety of animals such as bucks and baboons, and more than 250 bird species and flora that are found nowhere else. If you’re travelling to Cape Peninsula with children, don’t forget to stop by at the Boulders Beach. This spot features the famous ‘Penguin Colony’. Your children will love to see so many penguins in one place. Besides this, for those who love adventure, Cape Peninsula presents the best kiteboarding locations in the world. The perfect combination of waves and wind gives a fantastic adrenalin kick - adding to the thrill. Some amazing historic sightseeing spots near Cape Peninsula are the Diamond Museum and Rhodes Memorial. The Rhodes memorial is located on Table Mountain that is to the north of Cape Town. It was designed by Herbert Baker in 1912.


39. Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk South Africa - Cape Town

Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk South Africa

The Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk in South Africa is also known as the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC). It was back in the 16th century that the Dutch entered South Africa and brought with them the Dutch reformed theology. The Church has a lot of history associated with it, as initially it supported the apartheid, which held the idea that the people of South Africa should be segregated according to their race. The church was removed from the World Alliance of Reformed Churches in the early 1980s because it supported apartheid. It was only in the year 1986 that the church allowed all sorts of people to come together under the same roof. The Church has played a very important role in integrating all the branches of South Africa's Dutch Reformed tradition. A major change took place n the year 2015 when gays were welcomed into the church. So if you are fond of architecture and history, then the Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk in South Africa is for you. Make sure you pay a visit to the place, the next time you are in Cape Town.


40. South African Naval Museum - Cape Town

South African Naval Museum

The South African Naval Museum was a project that was started by the South African Naval Heritage Trust. One big part of the museum is the exhibit known as the SAS Assegaai, a Daphné class submarine, and the place has the honor of being the only submarine that has been turned into a museum ship. The place is very popular amongst the locals as well as tourists and there are frequent guided tours. In the year 1997, the building was declared as a Provincial Heritage Site. The museum has a great collection of charts, medals, mines, naval equipment, naval guns, photographs, torpedoes, and uniforms that have played a very important part in the history of South Africa. The place is managed by the South African Naval Heritage Trust and the South African Navy, whereas it is staffed by civilian volunteers and Naval Personnel. The place is open from 9.30 till 3.30 on all days except on Christmas Day, Good Friday and New Years Day. If you love to hear tales about battles and heroism, then you must visit the South African Naval Museum the next time you are in Cape Town in South Africa.


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