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Things to do in Casablanca

में घूमने योग्य सबसे अच्छे आकर्षण Casablanca

1. Azemmour - Casablanca


It is a western city of Morocco that lies on the left of Oum Er-Rbia River 75 km to the southwest of Casablanca. Its cultural attractions are a spring festival held since 2007 but the city is famous for an entirely different reason. The battle of Azemmour in 1513 saw a mighty Portuguese army of 500 ships and 15,000 soldiers led by James, Duke of Braganza conquer the city without any resistance only to abandon it in 1541 due to his own court’s economic distress.


2. Safi - Casablanca


Safi is an industry-based capital of the Safi Province in west Morocco. The city, as it is situated on the Atlantic Ocean, also has a port that contributes to its fishing industry and specializes in sardines. In addition to that, ceramics and textiles are also included in its export business. Tourists are drawn to its famous pottery, typically known as Safi pottery that stands out because of its bright colors. Not to mention the surf beaches, boulevards surrounded by trees, and villas that are hard to notice while strolling its alleyways.


3. Oualidia - Casablanca


Oualidia is a western coastal village of Morocco that attracts tourists for its beautiful beach. Inclined towards the quiet side of Morocco’s culture, it is primarily a vacation spot for the relaxing and sober people. With eye brow raising and heart racing beaches with splendid resorts, Oualidia’s quiet presentation is a stark contrast of a beach spot to the colorful but full of buzz spots in Casablanca. Its climate and facilities make it consistently beautiful all round the year and not getting affected by season changes.


4. Place Mohamed V - Casablanca

Place Mohamed V

Located in the Casablanca, the largest city of Morocco, the Place Mohamed V is an area of interest for tourists and locals alike. It is not just the public garden that attracts their attention but also Marshal Lyautey’s statue as well as the water fountain. The plaza, along with being Morocco’s trade capital, is also a focal point for the administration of Casablanca, the Bank of Morocco, the Post Office as well as where the Police Prefecture is situated.


5. Hassan II Mosque - Casablanca

Hassan II Mosque

The thirteenth largest mosque in the world and the largest in country, this is nicknamed as Casablanca Hajj. Though in world rankings, it has the tallest minaret which is 60 stories or 210 meters high. At the top is a laser that dispatches light towards Mecca in Saudi Arabia. It has a praying capacity of 25,000 inside the hall 80,000 on the outside grounds. It has a retractable roof with walls made from hand crafted marble. It also has a Madressa, Hamams and fountains that make it a gem in the world renowned city.


6. Corniche - Casablanca


The Corniche or La Corniche is the beach district on the west of Casablanca on the west of Hasan II Mosque. It consists of a set of fancy hotels as well as a street of western fast food restaurants. It also has a cinema and the lights and buzz make it no less than New Jersey. However the real flavor is the Ocean View which along the beach makes it a perfect spot for tanning lovers. It is a spot one can’t miss if they are on vacation in Casablanca.


7. Casablanca Medina - Casablanca

Casablanca Medina

Also referred to as the Old Medina, it is the older part of Casablanca of the French era which is a tourist attraction like medinas of other cities in Morocco. Surprisingly, it attracts fewer audiences than those. Still however with recent restoration, large numbers of tourists have been attracted. Prominent amongst these are its cafes, its old walls, the Skala or Bastion and the colonial time clock tower. The famous old German consulate is also located in the old part of the town which like much of Casablanca’s life has shifted to the new parts.


8. Casablanca Cathedral - Casablanca

Casablanca Cathedral

This is a French colonial era building raised in 1930 that lies on the Rachdi Boulevard in Casablanca. Called Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, it was defunct in 1956 after Morocco gained independence from French Empire. It is designed in Neo Gothic style by French architect Paul Tournon. It is claimed that since it never seated a bishop, it is not a cathedral. Yet it stands tall in Casablanca as a symbol of culture and history.


9. Central Market Station - Casablanca

Central Market Station

Also called the Marche Central it is not just a point for a shopping spree but also great for lunch. Grilled vegetables, varieties of fish platters and salads await food lovers here. Like the name has it, Marche Central consists of small and large shops where all kinds of items are available for grabs. Kitchenware, Handicrafts, Fruits, Vegetables Flowers and bouquets as well as daily groceries can be found. Located in the northern part of Casablanca, it makes it like a drill to go upcountry for shopping.


10. Mohammedia - Casablanca


Similar to Temara, Mohammedia is a port city of Morocco lying between Rabat, the national capital and Casablanca, the economic hub. It plays host to the Samir Refinery which is the Chief petroleum company of Morocco. The city is named after King Mohammed V since 1960 and was earlier known as Fedala when he laid foundation of Samir Refinery. It shares the beach with Casablanca from where it also attracts a god chunk of beach goers from Casablanca. Mohammedia like most of major Moroccan cities is old and most of the development took place in the Post French era.


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Things to do in Essaouira

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