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में घूमने योग्य सबसे अच्छे आकर्षण Chiang Mai

1. Wat Chedi Luang - Chiang Mai

Wat Chedi Luang

Wat Chedi Luang is not exactly as stupendous as Wat Phra Singh, but rather its towering, demolished Lanna-style chedi is considerably taller and the sprawling compound around the stupa is capably barometrical. The renowned worldwide Phra Kaew (Emerald Buddha), now held in Bangkok's Wat Phra Kaew, lived in the eastern specialty until 1475; today, you can see a jade imitation, given as a blessing from the Thai lord in 1995 to commend the 600th commemoration of the chedi.


2. Wat Umong - Chiang Mai

Wat Umong

Wat Umong (or Oomong) is one of my most loved sanctuaries in Chiang Mai. It can be a particularly supernatural place soon after the stormy season has finished, around early October or November.Wat Umong is special in many regards. For one, it's inherent the foothills of Suthep mountain is still intensely forested. Be that as it may, the most special component of the sanctuary are the passages which give the wat its name (umong is the Thai word for "tunnel").A vast counterfeit hill was fabricated and afterward confounded with passages.


3. Wat Suan Dorg - Chiang Mai

Wat Suan Dorg

The Wat Suan Dok found only West of the old walled some portion of Chiang Mai city is an extremely old sanctuary known for its huge number of white chedis or pagodas.

The most observable component of the Wat Suan Dok is the huge number of chedis. The tallest brilliant chedi in Sri Lankan style is 48 meters high and contains the relic of the Buddha. Countless white chedis contain the fiery remains of individuals from a few eras of the Chiang Mai Royal Family.


4. Wat Lok Moli - Chiang Mai

Wat Lok Moli

Wat Lok Moli is a Buddhist sanctuary (Thai language:Wat) in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. The sanctuary is arranged on the north side of the north canal encompassing the old piece of the city, around 400 meters west of the Chang Phuak city door.

The brickwork of the huge chedi is left for the most part exposed, this as opposed to the, regularly as of late, stuccoed chedis of different sanctuaries in Chiang Mai. Of note are the finely designed Nāgas and wooden sanctuary façade. The sanctuary is adjusted along a north-south pivot - most Buddhist sanctuaries are orientated towards the East, towards the rising sun..


5. Wat Ched Yot - Chiang Mai

Wat Ched Yot

Wat Chet Yot is a Buddhist sanctuary (Wat) in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. It is a focal point of journey for those conceived in the time of the Snake. The inside of the building contains a barrel vaulted hall which prompts a Buddha statue at its end. Right and left of the Buddha statue limit stairs pave the way to the rooftop. In days past a bodhi tree developed on top of the rooftop yet which was expelled in 1910 CE


6. Wat Phan On - Chiang Mai

Wat Phan On

The Wat Phan On is one of the littler sanctuaries in the old walled city of Chiang Mai. It was implicit 1501 amid the rule of the Lanna King Mueang Kaeo. The temple complex comprises of a substantial viharn, a brilliant chedi and the kuti or ministers living quarters. The Wat Phan On temple holds a standout amongst the most excellent chedis in Chiang Mai. The viharn of the Wat Phan On is a substantial two story building.Large thevada figures are set between the intensely improved windows of its side dividers.


7. Wat Phra That Doi Kham - Chiang Mai

Wat Phra That Doi Kham

The Wat Phra That Doi Kham is an alluring very little went to sanctuary known for its 17 meters high Buddha picture. The sanctuary that was worked towards the finish of the seventh century sits on top of a forested slope only outside of Chiang Mai. The name of the Wat implies brilliant mountain sanctuary. The chedi reveres a sacrosanct relic of the Buddha. A nearby legend tells around two goliaths who lived in the Doi Kham territory a large number of years prior


8. Wat Sri Suphan - Chiang Mai

Wat Sri Suphan

While a large portion of the sights of the silver town are the shops along Wualai Road, there is one fascination that is more profound than material. Wat Srisuphan was implicit 1502, albeit little stays of the first sanctuary with the exception of the limit markers (sema stones) around the appointment corridor (ubosot). Indeed, the sanctuary is currently the concentration of redesigns that are intended to make it a fitting centerpiece for the silver town it serves. The whole surface of the corridor, all around, is being shrouded in silver.


9. Wat Buppharam - Chiang Mai

Wat Buppharam

The Wat Buppharam simply outside the old walled city was inherent 1497 amid the rule of the Lanna King Muang Kaeo. The sanctuary complex comprises of a ubosot, two viharns, a Dhamma lobby, a chedi and a well providing sacred water. The bigger viharn was worked around 2 centuries back. This structure contains superb paintings delineating scenes from one of the Jataka stories about the past existences of the Buddha. This story, called the Vessantara Jataka recounts Prince Vessantara, who gives away all that he possesses exhibiting the excellence of philanthropy, one of the ethics of a Bodhisattva.


10. Wat Ku Tao - Chiang Mai

Wat Ku Tao

Wat Ku Tao is a Buddhist sanctuary in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Worked in 1613, the sanctuary was worked to revere the remaining parts of Nawrahta Minsaw (known as Saravadi in Thai), the primary Burmese leader of Lan Na. The sanctuary is known for its particular chedi, which was implicit the Yunnanese style, organized in a progression of five lessening circles that speak to the five authentic and future Buddhas. The sanctuary directly obliges Chiang Mai's Shan people group.


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