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में घूमने योग्य सबसे अच्छे आकर्षण Honolulu

1. Iolani Palace - Honolulu

Iolani Palace

The Iolani Palace in Hawaii is a national historic landmark in the United States and is also the official state residence of royalty in the country as well. It had been the residence of the Hawaiian Kingdoms last 2 monarchs, who reigned from 1882 to 1893. The palace had been built by King David Kalakua as a symbol of promise for the Hawaiian kingdom. There are lots of things to do in Iolani Palace, which is basically a 10r-room historic museum and house nowadays, and includes details about the reigns of King Kalakua and his sister Queen Liliuokalani. It offers a unique glimpse into the culture of Hawaii, and it offers people the chance to take a tour of a royal residence. There are plenty of things to do in Iolani Palace, but there are certain rules that need to be followed as well. There are no pictures to be taken inside Iolani Palace, while you also have to wear cloth boots to ensure that the fancy koa floors don’t get scuffed. Children under 5 years old are not allowed on the first and second floors of the palace. If you are curious about the history of Hawaiian Monarchy, then you should definitely check out the things to do in Iolani Palace.


2. Diamond Head - Honolulu

Diamond Head

When you visit Hawaii one thing that you must absolutely must to do is visit Diamond Head. It is an extremely well known and popular volcanic crater, which is visible from the southern coast of Oahu. Diamond Head promises a great adventure for the entire family and is a must experience for anyone who is visiting Hawaii. One of the best things to do in Diamond Head is obviously hike to the very top of the 760-foot crater. It is only a 1.6 mile hike and will take you about 2 hours to complete. The best part about the hike is that it will take you through a tunnel that is 225 foot long and will end with a majestic view of the West Side of the Island. Climbing to the very top is definitely one of the must-do things to do in Diamond Head for everyone. Diamond Head was formed nearly 100,000 years ago to date remains one of the most well known volcanic craters in the world. It is recommended that you take a flashlight on your hike, since you will encounter old military bunkers and underground tunnels along the way. The breathtaking views at the top of Diamond Head definitely make it worth your while, which is why this should be at the top of your list of things to do in Diamond Head.


3. USS Arizona Memorial - Honolulu

USS Arizona Memorial

The USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor is one of the most significant World War II sites of the United States. The monument was put in place to commemorate the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and all the service members who lost their lives on that day. It was built over the sunken midsection of the USS Arizona. The USS Arizona Memorial is 184 foot-long structure and there are lots of things to do in USS Arizona Memorial, which includes three different sections inside the Memorial. These sections are divided into the entry and assembly room, the shrine room with the names of those who lost their lives on the Arizona and the ceremonies and general observation room. There are over 1 million visitors come to check out the things to do in USS Arizona Memorial. The USS Arizona Memorial is the premier attraction in Pearl Harbor, since it has got so many visitors on a yearly basis. The things to do in USS Arizona Memorial include listening to the oral histories told by the survivors and watching a brief documentary about the Pearl Harbor attack, while you can also enjoy a shuttle ride to the USS Arizona.


4. Pearl Harbor - Honolulu

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is the biggest harbor in Hawaii, and is situated on the southern coast of Oahu. It is famous for being the area that was targeted by the Japanese during World War II and is a National Historic Landmark in the United States. If you are visiting Hawaii it is definitely one of the places to visit. There are lots of attractions for visitors in Pearl Harbor, which include the Pacific Aviation Museum, the USS Bowfin Submarine, the USS Arizona Memorial, and the USS Missouri Battleship. You will definitely not be short of things to do in Pearl Harbor, since there are numerous tours that can be planned to these attractions. You shouldn’t forget to bring sunscreen along when you are deciding on the things to do in Pearl Harbor. The many attractions mean that you will not have any shortage of options when it comes to things to do in Pearl Harbor. You can book an audio tour for the main attractions, and check out all the historic battleships and places where the battle of Pearl Harbor actually took place. In some areas you can even listen to radio news of historic events that were taking place in that era.


5. Waikiki Aquarium - Honolulu

Waikiki Aquarium

There are many attractions that visitors can enjoy in Hawaii, which is why it is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world. One of the must visit places in Hawaii is Waikiki Aquarium, which was established in 1904 and has been under the administration of the University of Hawaii since 1919. It is located on Waikiki Beach, right across from Kaplolani Park and next to a living reef. There are many things to do in Waikiki Aquarium, as it has got more than 500 different marine species and has got over 3,000 different marine specimens on show. You should also check out the Peppermint Angelfish, which is the only one on display in the world and is the rarest ocean fish. For more things to do in Waikiki Aquarium, you can visit the New Green turtle exhibit in the aquarium. One of the things to do in Waikiki Aquarium is the “Aquarium After Dark” program, which is only offered once a month to guests, and it includes a tour of all the different exhibits with flashlights. You can also take the “Exploring the Reef by Day” program, which takes you to Hawaii’s shoreline and all the tidepool and reefflat habits.


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