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में घूमने योग्य सबसे अच्छे आकर्षण Jounieh

1. Paragliding - Jounieh


Did you know that you could get a bird’s eye view of Lebanon solo? There is no better way to take an instant look at the panorama that is the Lebanese skyline than by paragliding over the country. There are plenty of gorgeous locations to fly from; the Cedars Bsharri, cedars Barouk, Harrisa, Miziara and others. Each is conducted by a trained professional flying instructor but you will have to make an appointment beforehand. You may miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity otherwise, so plan your trip accordingly. If you opt for Paragliding Lebanon, you can get the chance to fly over the bay of Jounieh and even the Harissa Church if you are lucky! Contact them for more information. Besides leisure paragliding, you can also add a touch of originality to celebrations such as a proposal or a birthday with sky animations from the aforementioned service. One thing is for sure though. Whether you want to get a unique view of the Lebanese skyline or celebrate a special occasion, paragliding will not disappoint. The services offer a number of packages that will not drill a hole in your wallet either but it would be wise to take stock of your finances beforehand. The result? Tons of memories that almost no one else can boast of!


2. Jounieh Telefrique - Jounieh

Jounieh Telefrique

The Jounieh Téléphérique, possessed and worked by Compagnie Libanaise du Telepherique et d' Expansion Touristique SAL, is a gondola lift framework situated in Jounieh, a city in Lebanon 16 km north of Beirut. It was established in 1965. Currently, the ride from Jounieh to Harissa on the Téléférique costs a lot. The ride is viewed as a standout amongst the most famous exercises for vacationers in Jounieh. The area is filled with things to do and activities to perform but at the end of the day, tourists can also enjoy a walk in the park.


3. The Old Souk of Jounieh - Jounieh

The Old Souk of Jounieh

The Old Souk of Jounieh is situated close to the ocean side in the city of Jounieh. The range - known as "Old Jounieh"—has as of late experienced an upgrade and now has open air bistros and eateries blended among boutiques, craftsman shops, banks, general stores and lodgings. When the dusks, the daytime fascinate transforms into evening time excitement. Scores of eateries, bars and night clubs line the old cove side street from Jounieh northward to Maameltein. The Old Souk offers a rich and a unique insight of the history of the city.


4. Jounieh Beaches - Jounieh

Jounieh Beaches

Stunning beaches with a view of clear blue water and a nice little hut to be able to relax in, this is the definition of the Jounieh Beaches. These beaches are spread out over a considerable area and each offers unique activities and beach-side delicacies to enjoy. The beaches are made of generic sand which makes them a hot bed for tourists looking to sun bathe without having to worry about stones and insects.


5. Casino du Liban - Jounieh

Casino du Liban

The Casino du Liban is a casino that is located in Lebanon in Jounieh and lies about 22km from Beirut. It spans across more than 30,000 square meters of land and boasts about 400 slot machines and more than 50 game tables for gambling enthusiasts and tourists alike. This includes a well equipped theater, a showroom, several restaurants and a banquet hall. The casino first opened its doors to the public back in 1959 but it was closed 30 years later and re-opened again in 1996 after massive renovations that cost about $50 million. The casino has a colorful history riddled with obstacles that the owners overcame remarkably well. Back during the sixties and the fifties, it flourished during the economic boom from tourists and due to the fact that around that time, Lebanon became one of the best spots for vacationers from across the globe. It also hosted some activities that were banned in neighboring countries gambling being the main one that attracted people in droves to the casino. In the 1950s, a decree was passed legalizing gambling, after which construction of the casino commenced on a rocky hill that overlooked the Mediterranean Sea. The land was also turned into a conifer forest making it more beautiful.


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