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हम हमारी ऑनलाइन सेवाओं को वितरित करने के लिए कुकीज़ का उपयोग करते हैं। हमारी वेबसाइट का उपयोग करके या इस संदेश बॉक्स को बंद करके, आप हमारे कुकीज़ में उपयोग के अनुसार सहमत हैं कूकी पालिसी.
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में घूमने योग्य सबसे अच्छे आकर्षण Kerala

11. Gavi - Kerala


Gavi is 14 km south west of Vandiperiyar, 28 km from Kumily, close Thekkady. Gavi is inside the Ranni hold backwoods. Gavi is a piece of Seethathode Panchayath in Ranni Taluk. Gavi is a piece of the Periyar Tiger Reserve, and the course can be secured via auto from Vandiperiyar. Gavi Eco-Tourism a venture of the Kerala Forest Development Corporation has gotten the consideration of visitors, for the most part from European nations. The venture is elite in many regards and the lion's share who went by was nature darlings and enterprise voyagers.


12. Pathanamthitta - Kerala


Pathanamthitta is a town and a district arranged in the Central Travancore locale in the condition of Kerala, south India, spread over a zone of 23.50 km2. It is the regulatory capital of Pathanamthitta locale. Vasthuvidya Gurukulam is a novel Institution under the Department of Culture, Govt. of Kerala, planned to advance and protect the Traditional Architecture, Mural Painting, and other related subjects. Pathanamthitta is likewise home to the one of a kind Aranmula Kannadi - metal mirrors that are carefully handmade and the Vaasthu Vidya Gurukulam, a legacy town which hones the antiquated Indian school of design, vaasthu vidya, in its purest shape.


13. Munnar - Kerala


Munnar is a town in the Western Ghats mountain go in India's Kerala state. A slope station and previous resort for the British Raj tip top, it's encompassed by moving slopes dabbed with tea estates built up in the late nineteenth century. Eravikulam National Park, a territory for the jeopardized mountain goat Nilgiri tahr, is home to the Lakkam Waterfalls, climbing trails and 2,695m-tall Anamudi Peak. Munnar town is arranged on the Kannan Devan Hills town in Devikulam taluk and is the biggest panchayat in the Idukki locale covering a region of about 557 square kilometers (215 sq mi)


14. Western Ghats - Kerala

Western Ghats

Western Ghats is a mountain range that runs parallel toward the western shore of the Indian landmass, found totally in India. It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the eight "most sultry problem areas" of organic differences on the planet. The range begins close to the fringe of Gujarat and Maharashtra, south of the Tapti waterway, and runs roughly 1,600 km (990 mi) through the conditions of Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu finishing at Kanyakumari, at the southern tip of India.


15. Kundala - Kerala


It is located at a distance of 20 kilometKundala dam, munnarers from Munnar. Kundala is a picturesque place, about 20 km from Munnar on the way to Top Station. It is at a height of 1700 meters above sea level. There is an artificial dam in Kundala which is another major attraction here. It is Asia’s first Arch dam. In Kundala, cherry blossoms appear twice in a year. The boating experience at this dam is a wonderful experience beyond words. The famous Neela Kurunji flowers which bloom once in twelve years, bloom in the hills and valleys around Kundala lake.


16. Devikulam Hills - Kerala

Devikulam Hills

Devikulam is a little slope station around 5 kilometers from Munnar in the Idukki District of the southern condition of Kerala, India. It lies 1,800 meters above ocean level. The name Devikulam is a conjunction of the words Devi, from the goddess Devi and kulam, which means lake. As indicated by legend, the goddess Sita Devi of the Ramayana epic showered in the wonderful Devikulam lake waters encompassed by lavish, green slopes, now named Sita Devi Lake.


17. Echo Point - Munnar - Kerala

Echo Point Munnar

This grand place gets its name from the characteristic echo marvel here. Echo Point, arranged while in transit to Top Station from Munnar is a stop over for sightseers going by Top Station - the most elevated point in Munnar and the uncommon Neelakurinji (Strobilanthus) blossoms here. Arranged in the juncture of three mountain streams – Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala, Munnar is a most ideal goal in Kerala, which is swarmed with guests all around the year. There are loads of spots to be investigated in Munnar. Beat Station and Echo Point are among the numerous appealing goals in Munnar.


18. Top Station - Kerala

Top Station

Top Station is visitor goal in the Kannan Devan slopes of Munnar. It is a piece of Theni District in the condition of Tamil Nadu Top Station is remarkable as the noteworthy transshippment area for Kannan Devan tea conveyed up here from Munnar and Madupatty by railroad and after that around ropeway to Kottagudi.[1] This zone is well known for the uncommon Neelakurinji blooms. The Kurinjimala Sanctuary is adjacent. Top Station is the western access to the arranged Palani Hills National Park. Top Station was a transshipment point for conveyance of tea from Munnar to Bodinayakkanur. Top Station got its name from its being the upper end of the Kottagudi Aerial Ropeway.


19. Mattupetty - Kerala


Mattupetty Dam (Madupetty Dam), close Munnar in Idukki District, is a capacity Concrete Gravity dam worked in the mountains of Kerala, India to preserve water for hydroelectricity. It has been a key wellspring of energy, yielding alongside other such dams, immense income to the states. The expansive measure of lastingly accessible water enables wild creatures and fowls to thrive. However saltiness brought on by water system and water-logging are of worry to environmentalists. Munnar is situated close to the intersection of the mountain surges of Muthirappuzha River, Chanduvarai River and Kundale River. The repository is additionally known to be one of the meeting grounds of elephants in the locale.


20. Neelakurinji - Kerala


Kerala is honored with numerous characteristic scenes and among them is an extraordinary canvas that gets divulged at regular intervals in God's Own Country.The marvel of once in twelve years happening on the legendary slopes of Munnar is credited to the sprouting of Neelakurinji or energetically called by botanists as 'Strobilanthes kunthianum'. The blossom with 40 odd assortments sprout generally in shades of blue, and in this way in its name Neela in the nearby dialect remains for the shading blue and Kurinji the neighborhood name for the bloom.


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