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में घूमने योग्य सबसे अच्छे आकर्षण New York City

1. Statue Of Liberty - New York City

Statue Of Liberty

The legendary Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French government for the 100th anniversary of America's Independence. The statue's face was designed according to his mom's and as indicated by the story it is said that the body was designed according to a whore. The crown of Lady Liberty, at this very moment is regularly definitely called, has seven spikes, demonstrating the Seven Seas crosswise over which freedom ought to be spread. In her cleared out hand she holds a tablet with the Declaration of Independence and in her right hand a light that symbolizes Enlightenment. Do you know the statue's steel framework was made by the French engineer Gustave Eiffel, better known as the man behind the Eiffel Tower in Paris? Thanks to a creative construction that consists of copper plates attached to the metal framework, the Statue Of Liberty is flexible enough to bear heavy storms and other occurrences. Large iron bars attach the framework to a central pylon. You should know that the Statue of Liberty was created in Paris, France. It took a total of nine years before it was made in 1884 after which it was sent to the USA in 214 crates. Even before the onset of the statue, Bartholdi himself had traveled to the United States for discussing the location of the statue with president Ulysses S. Grant. Ultimately, it was decided to erect the statue at a small island in the port of the amazing New York City. Today the island is called as Liberty Island. The biggest and most embarrassing difficulty was the establishment of the pedestal, which had to be paid for by the Americans themselves. The well-known statue's torch was presented in the splendid Madison Square Park for six years - from 1876 until 1882 in an attempt to spur interest and fascinate funds.


2. Visit Manhattan - New York City

Visit Manhattan

This is a benevolent area that has various constructions all together at one place. Visit Manhattan and get all type of relishes over there. You can also see the avenues that look great in all, it carries its own individual identity. At this place you can see various structures and monuments that look very unique and has a very unique history. This is one of the most renowned places in the whole New York. People visit this place to see its beauty and elegancy. There are so many things to see in this place like the streets and the specifications over here are amazing to see. You can gather gigantic number of things over here like the ambience, the environment etc., Visit Manhattan and experience the lavish roads and gatherings over here. The Conduit, completed in 1883, was the world's first scaffold to be established of brace. Visit Manhattan and get the greatest out of it.


3. Central Park - New York City

Central Park

Central Park is one of those awesome spots that make New York such an extraordinary place to live. The beautiful park, 341 hectare in length, is situated in the central point of Manhattan. Its wonderful design has served as an illustration for city parks all over the world. The park is blessed with numerous lakes, theaters, ice rinks, fountains, tennis courts, baseball fields, playgrounds and other amenities. It is also home to the famous Central Park Zoo and the Metropolitan Museum of Art which you should not miss visiting while you visit the Central Park. Especially at weekends, when cars are not allowed into the park, Central Park is a welcome retreat in this frenzied city. There is plenty of amazing stuff to see and do in Central Park. You can find out Sports facilities all over the park but most of the fascinating sights are found in the lower half of Central Park. You will come across ancient buildings, statues, monuments, lovely bridges, and of course ample of nature. Some of it is quite rugged like the forest-like Ramble while rest of the parts of the park is more shaped and feature stunning flowers and shrubs. You will see that there are eighteen gated entrances to the park and each of them has its own name. Many of these gates are ornate such as the popular Vanderbilt Gate, Engineers' Gate and in particular Merchants' Gate at the prominent Columbus Circle. While Central Park renders a serene relief all year round from the nearby disharmony of urban life, it is during the springtime that the park really shines like a star. Beginning at the middle of March, sometimes before the beautiful snows of winter have even absolutely vanished, you can see snowdrops and crocuses poking up between the leaves and tree roots looking wonderful. These are then followed by the exquisite daffodils and tulips as the entire park erupts in an aromatic exhibition of primary flowering pastels. By the time of mid-April, the Central Park landscape is crammed with the delightful cherry blossoms and magnolia flowers that signal the accomplished transformation from tedious winter to spring celebration.


4. Times Square - New York City

Times Square

Times Square is the most bustling square of New York and is known for its many awesome Broadway theatres, cinemas and electronic billboards. It is one of those places that make New York a city that never sleeps. Times Square has been highlighted innumerable times in literature, on television, in films, in video games, and in music videos which is great for the New York City. Many people come and visit the famous Times Square for the superb ambiance and the billboards spectacle, but there are also countless restaurants and shops that includes some crowd-pullers such as the famous Disney Store and a large Toys "R" Us. However, Times Square is best known for its splendid entertainment, and plenty of visitors come here to join the popular Broadway show. Do you know that Times Square is additionally home to MTV's central station and ABC's 'Great Morning America' is telecasted before live observers from its office at 44th and Broadway? Times Square is the spot of the yearly New Year's Eve ball drop, which you must know. Around one million revelers group Times Square for the New Year's Eve festivities, more than double the typical number of guests the territory normally gets day by day However, for the thousand years festivity on December 31, 1999, distributed reports expressed give or take two million individuals flooded Times Square, that spills out of sixth Avenue to eighth Avenue and the distance back on Broadway and Seventh Avenues to 59th Street, which makes it the biggest assembling in Times Square following August 1945 amid celebrations denoting the end of World War II. Well-known celebrities such as Irving Berlin, Fred Astaire, and Charlie Chaplin were closely associated with Times Square in the 1910s and 1920s. During this period, the area was labeled as The Tenderloin because it was supposedly the most anticipated location in Manhattan. However, it was during this period that the area was famous in crime and corruption that is not a great thing, it happens in the form of gambling and prostitution; one case that attracted huge attention was the arrest and subsequent execution of the famous police officer Charles Becker.


5. Grand Central Terminal - New York City

Grand Central Terminal

If you want to take a tour into New York’s illustrious past, then you must visit the Grand Central Terminal. This is a tourist hotspot with many impressive galleries, restaurants, and stores. When visiting this terminal, get ready to witness unique art pieces. There are special tours of the Grand Central Terminal that you can be a part of to explore the amazing history of New York with other tourists. If you want to spend a day full of excitement, then you will find many things to do in the Grand Central Terminal. This place features an Oyster Bar that tourists from all over the world come to visit. You can also try amazing food at Michael Jordan’s: The Steak House NYC where the views are also quite impressive. There are plenty of shopping places inside the terminal including clothing boutiques and gift shops where you can buy souvenirs. The Vanderbilt Hall inside the terminal is a popular venue for many events and art exhibits that you can enjoy. And when you look up, you will see the breathtaking blue-green cathedral ceiling featuring amazing art work. Apart from the historical stuff, there are many more things to do in New York City.


6. Rockefeller Center NYC - New York City

Rockefeller Center NYC

If you love the crowd and want to experience the electrifying energy, the visit the Rockefeller Center! You’ll simply enjoy it here. It the most crowded place in the New York City especially during the holiday season. Rockefeller Center is a national historic landmark nestled in the heart of the busy Midtown Manhattan. The place not just promises but guarantees fun, excitement and happiness. There are several things to do in Rockefeller Center which go beyond shopping. The center is surrounded with amazing shops that offer stunning discount deals, so make sure you carry cash. The center also features the famous LEGO store. Here you can shop and even view Rockefeller’s mini version made using LEGO bricks. Besides shopping, it also features a beautiful ice rink. You can take a twirl and enjoy ice skating here. After skating, you can also enjoy a guided tours for an inside look at Rockefeller Center history, architecture and art. Go to the observation deck to experience the breathtaking view of the place from the top. This is by the way among the most popular things to do in Rockefeller Center. Tourists just simply love heading to the top of Rockefeller Center and doing photography from there.


7. 9/11 Memorial - New York City

9 11 Memorial

The 9/11 Memorial is a great place to visit in New York City. This memorial is made in the place of the destroyed World Trade Center. This memorial is designed to mark the day when two hijacked airplanes hit the WTC and killed thousands of people. The September 11, 2001, attacks were a massive tragedy that not only struck the nation, but also the world. There are many things to do in 9/11 Memorial including the parts of the twin towers that were all that was left after the brutal attacks. The Survivors’ Staircase in this memorial is the staircase that was the most prominent remains of the buildings. This staircase played a major role in helping survivors in escaping the buildings safely. The museum takes visitors 70 feet below the ground where they can witness the many chilling displays that present a heartbreaking site including the memorial of 2,983 victims’ names engraved on a wall surrounded by the pools. The 9/11 Memorial is quite popular amongst tourists as the tragedy itself caught international attention. But if you are looking for some fun time with friends and family, you will find many things to do in New York City.


8. Top of the Rock - New York City

Top of the Rock

You should always go for it because going to Top of the Rock is something awesome you simply should not miss in New York City for making your visit complete. There is no other vantage point in the city that renders the inspiring, unobstructed views you will find high atop Rockefeller Center. Dramatic panoramas you just cannot get anywhere else put Top of the Rock on the top of the list of New York City Sightseeing Destinations. It does not matter whether it is daytime or nighttime, actually anytime is the right time to visit the Top of the Rock Observation Deck with your closed ones. Perched 70 stories above the city at the famous Rockefeller Plaza, the wonderful panoramic sights of Manhattan are unparalleled anywhere else in. you should always know before going to this awesome place that Top of the Rock Observation Deck is open 365 days a year. So there are no issues at all, you can visit it anytime you want. Watching the seasons unfold is great feeling or you can give a glance in an amazing sunset from the outdoor observation deck. Interactive displays are displayed that details the construction of the Rockefeller Center, comprising of three short films. Discover the urban panorama through the superb glass panels on the 67th and 69th floors, and in the open air on the 70th floor and you will not regret it later. On all three levels, you can click a picture of your own that will be taken by a Kodak pro. Get it as you exit and share it on the website of Top of the Rock where you will also find various special offers from some of the more than 100 great and stupendous shops and restaurants that help make the popular Rockefeller Center one of the outright top New York Charms.


9. World Trade Center - New York City

World Trade Center

The solid World Trade Center were never seen as awesome structural planning, however it surely was an incredible designing indeed. A new plan for the construction has been laid down after it collapsed. The ultra-current outline of new World Trade Center is an inventive blend of structural engineering, mix and structural. The building's simplicity and clarity of structure are timeless, amplifying the long convention of American creativity in elevated structure development. World Trade Center structure is planned with a solid, additional steel edge, comprising of pillars and columns. Combined with a concrete-core pure wall, the redundant steel casing loans considerable inflexibility and excess to the general building structure while giving section free inside compasses for most exciting adaptability. The World Trade Center consolidates exceedingly propelled best in class life-security frameworks that surpass the necessities of the New York City Building Code and that will lead the path in growing new imaginative innovation for elevated structure standards.


10. Empire State Building - New York City

Empire State Building

Located in the heart of Manhattan, New York, the Empire State Building offers a literal bird’s eye view of the city. Whether you are in New York for a week or a day, no visit will be complete without a climb to the top and a view of some of the most spectacular skyline you can find. Get an immersive experience in a famous landmark. There are more things to do in the Empire State Building than just taking stock of the scenery. Besides the aptly named Observation Decks, your visit will benefit from a trip to the newly restored lobby which boasts stunning art pieces and murals. This includes the breathtaking Dare to Dream exhibit and the Sustainability Exhibit complete with an interactive audio device that you might just spend hours listening to. Others certainly have. The lobby cannot be ignored with its Art Deco inspired murals which pay homage to the cosmos and the mechanical era bought to life with aluminum leaf and 24 karat gold. For more things to do in the Empire State Building do not forget to visit the number of shops and restaurants that are located in the main lobby of the massive building. The skyscraper will remain in your memories for ages after your first visit.


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