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में घूमने योग्य सबसे अच्छे आकर्षण New York City

21. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum - New York City

Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

When it comes to monuments and landmarks, there is a lot to explore in New York City including the famous Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. This museum is a true example of modern architecture made by Frank Lloyd Wright. The museum is home to a fascinating collection of art pieces of the 20th century that all art lovers would enjoy witnessing. When it comes to entertainment, you will find many things to do in Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. The breathtaking architecture of this museum is itself a treat for the eyes. The grand ramp is another amazing feature of this museum that is curved and stretches from the ground to the highest point of the museum. If you are fond of art, then you will have a great time exploring the many art pieces by artists like Kandinsky, Van Gogh, Chagall, and Picasso. The museum also holds on-going art exhibitions, so make sure you research about them to time your visit accordingly. The artwork displayed in the museum can be viewed from various angles. And if you are in search of adventurous activities, you can look for other interesting things to do in New York City.


22. Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York City

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Boasting historical artwork, extensive lectures and performances that attract visitors by the droves, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a sanctuary for the artistically inclined. The museum offers attractions for kids, teens and adults so there is literally something for everyone there. This includes art and architecture that is dedicated to Medieval Europe which dedicated horticulturalists took pains to imitate to perfection. When it comes to things to do in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the sky is the limit. Children can enjoy an interactive experience along with their care takers, teenagers can sign up for internship programs and adults can get the chance of meeting with artists who have their work featured in the museum. These are not the only things to do in the Metropolitan Museum of Art though. The exclusive Met tours allow visitors to explore a vast world of art and architecture through a number of viewpoints that comprise of gallery tours to interactive storytelling sessions. Or if you prefer a more natural environment, the Cloisters will serve as a breath of fresh air. These gardens were recreated to resemble ones dating back to ones that were maintained from the 12th to the 15th century.


23. Museum of Modern Art - New York City

Museum of Modern Art

It does not matter if you are an enthusiast or a dedicated follower of the arts, anyone can fall for the naïve charm and trendsetting wit in modern pop art that is exhibited here. In fact once you enter the place getting lost in MoMa for a whole day will not sound like such a bad experience. The list of things to do in Museum of Modern Art just goes on and on. The museum is located between the Avenue of Americas and the Fifth Avenue at 11 W 53rd Street. Museum of Modern Art is accessible with ticket entry for everyone. The exhibits that you will find here all showcase priceless pieces from renowned artists. However that is not all that you get to do here, so many other elements also make MoMa what it is today and the way it is able to attract such a huge crowd. On your list of all things to do in Museum of Modern Art, make sure you don’t forget to visit the giuft shop for special souvenirs, or head over to the design store, if not there is always the sculpture garden you can stroll around too.


24. NY University - New York City

NY University

NY University is one of the finest places for distance studies. It actually gives us various amenities and elements that fascinates us in every way. It holds the finest amenities in the entire world like first class classes, rooms, libraries and many more. It is the best university in the whole New York City, not only with the infrastructure but the studies as well. The faculty over here is top class with one of the ace study equipment’s. You can experience various things in this that is actually worth inspiring. In calculation to that, you can see a big cafeteria that has loads of effects to see. NY University is one campus where people from different realms come to study, there are no caste or creed barrier. NY University is separated into various institutes and universities, the leading of which is the College of Arts and Sciences. For those inspired by performance or film, the famous Tisch School of the Arts is the best.


25. Intrepid Museum - New York City

Intrepid Museum

The Intrepid Museum gathers an extensive variety of curios that recognize the historical backdrop of Intrepid as a U.S. naval vessel from 1943 to 1974. The Intrepid Museum highlights the fabulous plane carrying warship Intrepid, the space transport Enterprise, the world's fastest jets and a guided rocket marine. Through exhibitions, instructive programming and the first collection of technologically innovative aircraft and vessels, visitors of all ages and abilities are taken on an interactive journey through history to find out about American development and heroism. The Intrepid Museum gathers an extensive variety of curios that recognize the historical backdrop of Intrepid as a U.S. naval vessel from 1943 to 1974. The Intrepid Museum effectively utilizes its collections for a mixed bag of purposes. While some noteworthy things may be established up on display in our long haul or provisional shows, others may be utilized as a part of our training accumulation to help educating students. Different things, for example, photos or archival records, support the Museum's exploration endeavors.


26. Coney Island - New York City

Coney Island

Coney Island is one of the most thrilling and popular amusement districts in New York City. The Coney Island neighborhood’s amazing theme park is no less than Six Flags parks, but what makes it much more special is the fact that it is not gated and offers freedom to the visitors to explore the area. This sea-side park might be a dream-come-true for many adventure seekers. If you have an entire day to spend in a happening place, then you should head to Coney Island. There are many interesting things to do in Coney Island for individuals, families, and children. The Cyclone roller coaster in the park is quite thrilling and only those with nerves can opt for it. Within this amazing amusement park you will find a massive aquarium. This water world offers visitors a chance to watch more than 300 marine animals. The interactive outdoor touch doors in the aquarium allow visitors to touch turtles and sea stars. The Coney Island Museum is also a place you must not miss out on. This museum features antique items on display including vintage bumper stickers and game displays. When in Coney Island, make sure you try Nathan’s famous hot dogs that are topped with chili. If you want to have more fun, you will find ample things to do in New York City.


27. Ellis Island - New York City

Ellis Island

This is one of the biggest arrival terminus in New York. There are many places in New York to visit but the Ellis Island give you different experiences of life. Around 2.5 million visitors come year to Ellis Island to spend some quality time with their loved and closed ones. This Ellis Island is open for general public in 1976. The structural design of the Ellis Island looks really striking. There are around 1,000 people who may enjoy their dinner on a reasonable rate at the same time on the Ellis Island. The tickets of these islands are easily available near the island on a reasonable rate. This Ellis Island now holds a museum which tells the story about it. A visit to Ellis Island is one of the memorable trips for you and your family and you will feel amazed to see all the beauties of the island and you will never feel regret about it.


28. City Bike - New York City

City Bike

The City Bike framework, worked by NYC Bike Share highlights a large number of bicycles at several stations around New York, it is accessible every minute of every day of a year. Station areas are taking into account population and travel needs, and were chosen through a participatory open info process. Every station has a touchscreen kiosk, a guide of the administration area and surrounding neighborhood, and a stopping framework that discharges bicycles for rent with a card or key. Cycling is a major ordeal in this city, keeping in mind you can pedal to the decoration at a percentage of the best gyms and fitness clubs in NYC. City Bike can give some outside air and bicycle New York with these amazing outer region. With the improvement on City Bike, bike tracks and bicycle streets has made the city a much more secure and more enjoyable spot to ride.


29. The Beer Garden - New York City

The Beer Garden

The Beer Garden is a place that has its own origin, it carries a very beautiful scent in the shops of it. You will get numerous kinds of beer that are very old as well as very innovative. You can see facts and figures of different beers of innumerable regions. This is one of the oldest place in New York and there are many stuffs that gather our minds. The Beer Garden is additionally a decent place to dangle out with your family and companions. You can see that there are some very special liquor bays that are little bit expensive but it tastes good. There are some exceptional drinks as well that are attended when you go there. In a standout amongst the greatest spaces in the city, situated under the High Line, The Standard Biergarten is a spot to drink additionally a spot to see and be seen. This is the Meatpacking District! Time to look at the in vogue individuals and celebs in The Beer Garden.


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