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Things to do in Oshana Region

में घूमने योग्य सबसे अच्छे आकर्षण Oshana Region

1. Ondangwa - Oshana Region


Ondangwa is a town in northern Namibia. Located on the borders of Oshikoto Region in the Oshana Region, Ondangwa is one of the popular places to visit in northern Namibia. Nestled close to the Ethosa National Park, Ondangwa has dynamic landscapes and scenery of the Damara and Kaoko regions. In fact, many tourists who want to explore the Ethosa National Park generally find accommodation in Ondangwa as the town is home to various accommodation options including lodges, campsites, and hotels. The town is known for its upbeat urban life and vibrant markets where you can find everything from organic foods to cultural ornaments and local clothing. Ondangwa has a large ‘open’ market, shopping centre, various transit points across the city, and several facilities for tourists. Ondangwa is a well-linked city in the country which can be accessed via road and via domestic flights that arrive at the Ondangwa Airport. The town has a laid back culture and lifestyle, but despite that, it has a vibrant nightlife. In fact, Ondangwa is popular for its ‘localized’ nightlife where open air cafes serve local cuisine and drinks around the clock whereas bars and nightclubs are open till the late hours of the night!


2. Oshakati - Oshana Region


Oshakati is a town that is located in the Oshana Region in Namibia. It is the capital and largest town of the Ovamboland located in northern part of the country. The typical Namibian town is a sprawling area that contains wonderful attractions for the visitors. The town of Oshakati can be a great spot for an evening out where you can join in with the locals. You can find plenty of eateries in the town that serve both western and local dishes. KFC, located in the Yetu shopping center, and Jotty's Fish & Chips take-away situated on the main road, are favorite eating spots for the tourists. Club Oshandira in Oshakati offers delicious delicacies and the most pleasant surroundings to satiate the taste buds. Other great eateries in the town include Club Fantasy, Moonlight Bar, Let's Push Bar, Club Yellow Star, Moby Jack's and the Country Club. Totem Expo is held every year in Oshakati for a period of four days during the summers. The event is hosted by the Oshakati Town Council that combines exhibition of local culture with modern businesses. Hotels in the town are generally affordable, welcoming business people, foreign aid workers, and government employees.


3. Ongwediva - Oshana Region


Ongwediva is small town located towards the northern side of Namibia. It is situated in the Oshana region and was established in the 1960s when the country was occupied by South Africa. Here you can find a number of attractions, allowing you to fill your time with fun and entertainment. Most visitors enjoy indulging their taste buds in local delicacies such as the Naks and Oshifina. Naks is a surprisingly good snack that is unique to the area. Oshifima is a special sub-Saharan delicacy that is made from Mahangu - a grass that is native to Ongwediva. The local Ovambo people are warm and hospitable. You can watch the traditional dance of the local people that consists of fast moving rhythmic steps. Biking through the sandy roads is another exciting activity through which you also explore nearby places of interests. Onandjokwe Medical Museum that is located about 27 km from Ongwediva is an interesting place to visit where you can view medical artifacts and equipment that dates back to the 1900s. This is a especially great place to visit for professionals associated with the medical profession. All in all, a visit to Ongwediva will turn out to be a memorable one that you can cherish during later years.


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