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Things to do in La Digue

Things to do in La Digue

When it comes to population, La Digue has only around 2,000 inhabitants. But it is enough for people who fantasize about relaxing on a beautiful day at the beach without much of a crowd. An island located in Seychelles, with no airport of its own nor too many road vehicles, La Digue offers a perfect laid b ...

Things to do in Inner Islands Seychelles

Things to do in Inner Islands, Seychelles

With 41 granitics and 2 corallines, there are a total of 43 Inner Islands located in Seychelles. They are mostly found around the primary islands of La Digue, Praslin, and Mahé. A focal point for the culture of Seychelles, its economy, as well as for tourists, the Inner Islands accommodate the majority of ...

Things to do in Outer Islands Seychelles

Things to do in Outer Islands, Seychelles

The Amirantes Group, the Alphonse Group, and the Aldabra Group all belong to the Outer Islands located in Seychelles. While Alphonse Group has some of the finest saltwater fly fishing, the Aldabra Group is the most remote. It consists of Aldabra Atoll that can be found more than 1,000 kilometers from Mahé ...

Things to do in Praslin

Things to do in Praslin

Being the second largest island located in the Seychelles, Praslin offers much to explore. This includes its jungle, curvy hills, not to mention its popular beaches like Anse Lazio and Anse Geogette. The island features golf as well as the exotic plant called Coco De Mer. It is home to sea birds and tortoi ...

Things to do in Mahe

Things to do in Mahe

Being the largest island present in the Seychelles, Mahe is also where the country’s capital, Victoria is located. This contributes to 90% of the population of Seychelles. Consisting of a variety of resorts and activities like hiking, diving, and snorkeling, it is also where the Morne Seychellois National ...