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में घूमने योग्य सबसे अच्छे आकर्षण Zahle

1. Our Lady of Zahle, the sanctuary - Zahle ३६० देखें

३६० अप्रत्यक्ष दौरे
Our Lady of Zahle the sanctuary

Our Lady of Zahle, the sanctuary in 1958, Bishop Euthym, a man of extraordinary dedication to Our Lady, chose to fabricate a hallowed place to pay tribute to the Virgin Mary on the highest point of a slope sitting above Zahle and the Bekaa Valley. A ten-meter-high bronze statue of the Virgin Mary by the Italian craftsman, Pierroti, lays on a 54-meter high tower, delegated the slope called Tel Chiha. A lift is accessible to take explorers and travelers to a stage with amazing perspectives of the red-roofed town and the valley. The ground level of the tower houses a little sanctuary.


2. Zahle Berdawni River - Zahle

Zahle Berdawni River

Zahle has a prime position right in the Bekaa valley. With snow capped mountains towering above it during the winter and dry but refreshing air in the summer, the city is a main tourist spot as well. The center of the city spans across both banks of the river Berdwani which dissects it and flows out of the ravine and straight towards the plateau. It joins the Litani River within 15 km as well. The river was once considered the main source of drinking water for the city and is still one of its most famous national emblems despite being polluted today. A part of it has also been covered with parking lots but that does not mean it is hidden. The older sections of Zahle lie on the older parts of the town on the upper side of the westernmost bank of this river. If you want to get some shopping done then head to the shopping district on the east bank. Grape Wine Valley or Wadi El Arayesh can be found on the northern most part of town along with some of the city’s famous restaurants. The city lies in a narrow geographical area, so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of slopes.


3. Memshie Park - Zahle

Memshie Park

Zahle is an important city arranged in the Beqaa Governorate in Lebanon. The star attraction in the city is the Memshie Park. The park offers proper lining of the location, it is nicely designed and some of the qualities on offer in the park make it a worthwhile destination. There is space for people to walk, sit down, enjoy their day amidst the flowery arrangements and the stunning picturesque locations on offer. The Park was established as a leisure place and the Memshie Park does exactly that.


4. The Churches of Zahle - Zahle

The Churches of Zahle

The churches of Zahle are stunning sanctuaries of art and architecture which explains the importance of the area. The Sanctuary was designed a long time ago and it was meant to act as one of the monasteries for Christians. There is a network of age old churches in the area which are mud build and offer an insight into the lives of the earliest Christians in the area and how they worshipped. Tourists can take a tour of the churches and take photographs as memoirs.


5. Caves de Ksara, Winery Tour - Zahle

Caves de Ksara Winery Tour

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