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Where is Cuba?

Cuba lies west of Hispaniola, 227 miles from Florida. This is where is Cuba. It comprises of the Cuban islands, several archipelagoes in the Caribbean Sea and the Isla de la Juventud. Geographically, it is part of North America but culturally, it is considered a part of Latin America. Cuba’s largest city is Havana and is its capital, covering 109,820 sq. km of land and 1040 sq. km of water. Cuba ranks as the 106th largest nation among all the others in the world and has a total area of 110,860 sq. km.

Cuba was discovered in 1492 by the Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus and after brief occupation of the island by Britain, it gained its independence in 1902. Cuba is mountainous in the southeast and south central area and flat in other regions. It has a population of over 11 million people of different ethnicities, cultures, and customs. It is the largest Caribbean Island and the second most populous. It neighbors with Haiti in the East, Florida in the North, Mexico in the West, and Jamaica in the South..The official language of the island is Spanish and it enjoys only two seasons distinctly, which are the dry and rainy seasons. So now that you know all about where is Cuba, let's find out what are some of the best places to visit in Cuba:

Start by visiting the Malecon sea drive, which is an 8 km stretch of magnificent beauty. It runs from Havana Vieja to Miramar and many people flock to witness the serenity of the giant waves or the beauty of the sunset.

Cuba is a culturally rich island with revolutionary heritage waiting to be explored. If you want to experience war history, you ought to visit the sites, which stand as a testimony to the island's resilience. Little has changed in over 50 years at the wartime headquarter at Commandancia de la Plata.

For some wilderness exploration, you ought to visit the Zapata swamp, which is among the exciting places to visit in Cuba. It is home to Cuban crocodiles, different plant habitats and various other amphibians. It is the Caribbean's largest wetland where people come for fishing and bird watching. Cuba is home to over 350 species of birds and also has the largest flamingo nesting site in the world. If you're interested, you will find many guided bird watching tours in the region.

For some adventurous trekking, climb the highest mountain of Cuba, Pico Turquino. It is a tough trek of 17 km, which takes two to three days. To climb this peak, a guide is necessary, but you will enjoy the green forests of Sierra Maestra as you climb.

Trinidad is the place to explore if you like to roam around 19th century colonial buildings. However, if you're up for some biking, you ought to explore the Vinales Valley which is a picturesque little town of green fields and huts.