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Where is Las Vegas?

United States of America

Las Vegas is located in the Mojave Desert. Most depictions of the city in movies and other media focus only on the casinos and the Las Vegas Strip, and thus man people are surprised to learn where Las Vegas is in reality. It is surrounded by the Mojave Desert completely, and when travelling to it you will see sand all around it. Falling in Clark County, the city is in the state of Nevada, within the United States of America. While much of the city is very well developed, one can see the desert’s influence on it due to the vegetation and the wildlife. The climate is also affected by the location, and desert climate which is very hot is felt here.

Las Vegas is surrounded by many other communities, some of which have bled into Las Vegas. Communities around Las Vegas include North Las Vegas, Paradise, Sunrise Manor, Boulder City, Henderson, Summerlin, Enterprise, and Spring Valley. The region where Las Vegas is has two mountain ranges around it, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and also the Spring Mountains.

The city is famed for its gambling and other similar activities. It got the nickname of ‘Sin City’ due to its tolerance for many activities which may be considered morally questionable in other areas. You will not see anything inappropriate in Las Vegas now which you don’t see in other cities, but at the time when it became famous, such things were much rarer.
The casinos are easily the most famous thing about the city, and most of them are located on the Las Vegas Strip. The most famous of these casinos are the Bellagio, and the Luxor. The Luxor is the pyramid shaped casino that has been shown again and again in many different movies and television series. The Bellagio is no less famous, especially notable for the fountains in front of it. Many iconic movie scenes (such as in Ocean 11) have been shot in front of this fountain.

There are several other casinos which give Las Vegas the glamour it is famous for. These include Excalibur, Venetian, Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino, Flamingo, and the MGM Grand. Ceasars Palace is also very famous, though more for its luxurious hotel services than for gambling. Casinos aren’t the only interesting thing where Las Vegas is, you will also find many great parks and activities to do in the desert.