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Where is Scotland?

United Kingdom

Where is Scotland? It is a part of the United Kingdom and makes a large part of the northern third side of Great Britain. The country's mainland shares a border with England on the south and it also houses almost 800 islands such as the Hebrides, Skye, Shetland, Arran, etc. However, what Scotland lacks for in size, it more than makes up for in charm.

From verdant rolling and sparkling lochs to wild coastlines and luxurious sandy coves, the country has a lot to offer to tourists who want a relaxing vacation. Located strategically between the best of Europe and beyond, Scotland is the ideal destination for play. The country is also ringed with several different seas, with the North Sea to the east which divides the country from other European countries such as Scandinavia and Norway. To the south east lies Denmark, and still further south lies Germany.

The Atlantic Ocean makes up the north and west side of Scotland mainland and if you travel north from the country you will reach Greenland and Iceland eventually. To the south west of the country lies the Irish Sea, Scotland's closest neighboring island of Eire, and Northern Ireland. The country is basically a stone's throw away from the heart of Europe and some of the most famous European states are just at its doorstep.

With access from all three-land, sea and air-travelling to and from Ireland is not difficult at all. As far as climate goes, Scotland enjoys temperate weather which rarely goes extreme. Even if it is drizzling or raining slightly when you wake up in the morning, the weather will abate by evening accompanied by a cold and refreshing breeze.

Even though the country is northern, it is not nearly as cold as Russia and Scandinavia. That's because like the United Kingdom, Scotland benefits from the Atlantic Gulf Stream which offers warm winds straight from the south west. The weather also keeps the temperature moderate which falls between 32 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit on most days.

In other words the country enjoys cool summers and wet winters punctuated by slight rainfall throughout the year. The airports offer links to almost every nearby destination such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen Airport. The regions are served by international airline which are linked to several European airports such as those of London, Frankfurt and Paris. So where is Scotland you ask? It's smack in the middle of some of Europe's most attractive tourist spots.