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View Campidoglio in 360 virtual tour

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Campidoglio is the most important and well known of the seven hills in Italy, Rome. In ancient Rome, the hill has become the sight for religious and political activity. Campidoglio is the first destination people will encounter when they travel to the Eternal City. The hill had been home to settlers from the Iron Age. Now, the barren site has become a popular tourist attraction. There are several things to do in Campidoglio as well as see there. You will encounter the two summits, the Arx and the Capitolium. The region between those two is known as the Asylum. Refugees from places around the world used to come to find shelter in Campidoglio. Do not forget to stop by the ruins of the Temple of Jupiter, Tarpeian Rock, Temple of Juno Moneta, and Tabularium. You spend your whole day exploring the Campidoglio. Today, you will only find traces of the temples, but you will still get an idea of the ancient Roman artwork. If you are staying in Italy, you can ask your hotel for brochures of tours that will take you and your family to visit the beautiful site. If you want to spend several hours there, you can visit it on your own.