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Que faie à Barcelone

Meilleures attractions à visiter à Barcelona

41. Finca Miralles - Barcelona

Finca Miralles

From 1901 to 1902, Gaudí assembled the passage and encompassing divider for a bequest possessed by his companion called Finca Miralles, Hermenegild Miralles Anglès, on Sr. Güell's old private street, at what is presently Passeig Manuel Girona, No. 55, in the Les Corts de Sarrià quarter of Barcelona. Mr. Miralles was a printer, cover, supervisor and maker of bits of cardboard impersonation stone for a wide range of purposes, from toys to beautiful tiles. On account of its recorded and creative esteem, it has been a National Historic-Artistic Monument since 1969.


42. Sant Martí District - Barcelona

Sant Marti District

The energy of nature and the energy of open spending join in Sant Martí District, a waterfront neighborhood with an inclination for financial business and technically knowledgeable entrepreneurialism. Towering office structures ascend from an indistinguishable cement from unobtrusive, multi-family condo edifices. Regardless of whether occupants are looking for comfort amid their meal break or a relaxed stroll along the sand, Sant Martí District's shorelines guarantee unending open door for dark blue tranquility. It is an area that has figured out how to transform itself into the most inventive and cosmopolitan piece of Barcelona.


43. Poble Nou - Barcelona

Poble Nou

Poblenou, in the Sant Martí area, is a crate of shocks. In the old piece of the region, the Rambla, which can stand correlation with the best of Barcelona's lanes, is fixed with rich structures and asphalt bistros where you can sit and appreciate this piece of the city. In the 1940s, the Poblenou horizon was spotted with a wide range of production lines and the shanty settlements of Somorrostro and Pequín. Can Felipa Old Factory and Ca l'Aranyó an unquestionable requirement visit place of Pablenou.


44. Poble Nou Cemetery - Barcelona

Poble Nou Cemetery

If you want to find out why a cemetery can also be a work of art, a visit to the one in Poble Nou Cemetery will answer your question. Poble Nou Cemetery has two distinct areas: the original cemetery and the part that was extended in the second half of the 19th century. There are nooks and corners of great artistic and historic interest and special poignancy throughout the cemetery grounds. Poblenou cemetery is really a small museum of funerary art, filled with sculptures and harmonious corners.


45. Poble Nou Old Town - Barcelona

Poble Nou Old Town

Once dubbed 'the Manchester of Catalonia', Poble Nou Old Town is famous in Barcelona's history as the city's industrial zone, drawing water from the sea and river Besos and belching fumes into the air above the Mediterranean. This part of Barcelona, outside of the Poble Nou Old Town, really grew in the 19th century as industrial tycoons set up factories on cheap land and workers from the impoverished South of Spain made the pilgrimmage to Catalonia in search of a better life.


46. Bogatell Beach - Barcelona

Bogatell Beach

Arranged between the Nova Icària and Mar Bella shorelines Bogatell shoreline is the consequence of the urban arranging plan which, with the lift given by Olympic Barcelona in 1992, made a solid responsibility regarding making the seafront open and fusing the shorelines into green spaces, gardens and the neighboring regions. Like all the shorelines on the northeastern side of the Olympic Port, Bogatell Beach was a piece of the urban arranging that made the waterfront accesible for all the Barcelona occupants.


47. Rambla del Poblenou - Barcelona

Rambla del Poblenou

Clubhouse de l'Aliança road is the center point of the Rambla del Poblenou social, social and retail life. As you stroll along it, you'll have the capacity to investigate this previous mechanical range and see innovation mix with convention and the group life that have characterized Rambla del Poblenou throughout the years. Initially named the Passeig del Triomf, local people have called this road the Rambla de Poblenou from the earliest starting point, El Casino l'Aliança is an unquestionable requirement visit put.


48. Poble Nou Central Park - Barcelona

Poble Nou Central Park

Jean Nouvel's engraving can be seen by and by in the new Barcelona that has created around the Diagonal Mar neighborhood. This new Poble Nou Central Park is a structural diamond consolidating diverse zones and an assortment of planting. A genuinely necessary green "lung" in the previous mechanical range of Poblenou. The Poble Nou Central Park was planned by the French designer Jean Nouvel and opened in spring 2008. This imaginative stop was outlined by the popular French planner Jean Nouvel, the engineer of the Agbar Tower.


49. Clot Park - Barcelona

Clot Park

Clump Park is one of the "green lungs" in the region of Sant Martí and is situated in the focal point of the Clot region. It was laid out in the 1980s ashore involved by industrial facilities and workshops, and is utilized by the nearby group, fusing design components from the past in a present day setting. The Clot Park covers a zone of 3.5 hectares, and stands on a site between the area committee building and the market.


50. Vila Olímpica - Barcelona

Vila Olimpica

The Vila Olímpica was made in the Sant Martí locale for the 1992 Olympic Games, when the choice was taken to construct a whole neighborhood by the ocean to house the competitors who would participate in the donning rivalries. This major urban-arranging venture achieved the recovery of extensive zones of the city's coastline and recovered a forsaken modern site. The Vila Olímpica has more than 40 bars and eateries where you can appreciate a delightful dinner whenever of the day.


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