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Choses à faire à Delhi

Meilleures attractions à visiter à Delhi

61. Akshardham Temple - Delhi

Akshardham Temple

Akshardham Temple is one of the famous tourist destinations in Delhi where thousands of visitors come regularly to spend some quality time with their loved and closed ones. The architectural structure of Akshardham Temple looks really attractive, it has 90 pillars and 40 windows and the carving on the pillars represent their culture. A tradition to offer the prayer for world peace and repetitive peace for family and oneself with the water of 151 holy rivers and lakes of India is very famous among the tourist and locals. Any electronic gadget is not allowed in Akshardham Temple. Akshardham temple is always open for the visitors except Monday. Visitors can also enjoy the peacock shaped boat ride at the time of exhibition. And you can also enjoy the musical fountain show at night inside the temple. Sixty acres of land of rich yards, patio nurseries and dazzling bronze statues, regarding India's child idols, valorous warriors, national loyalists and awesome women identities who rouse values and character.


62. Birla Mandir (Laxmi Narayan Temple) - Delhi

Birla Mandir Laxmi Narayan Temple

Laxmi Narayan Mandir is one of the well-known temple in Delhi where thousands of devotees comes regularly to spend some peaceful time with their loved and closed ones. The temple is devoted to the goddess of flourishing and favorable luck. Laxmi Narayan Mandir is placed in the heart of the city therefore, it is the center of attraction for the visitors. There are other small holy places devoted to Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, and Lord Buddha. At the time of festivals Laxmi Narayan Mandir gathers a huge crowd. The structure of Laxmi Narayan Mandir appears to be truly alluring. Laxmi Narayan Mandir is open for people of every cast and the best time to visit in the morning and evening at the time of aarti. Based on a hilly spot, this Laxmi Narayan Mandir is devoted to the Lord and was constructed by their clique supporters. The inside walls of the temple was engraved with pictures and quotes from Gita and Upanishad.


63. Hauz Khas Complex - Delhi

Hauz Khas Complex

It’s a magnificent place to visit by. Thousands of visitors come there to spend some quality time with their loved and closed ones. Hauz Khas Complex has lavish greenery and numerous eating outlets, stores, bistros and eateries inside of the complex. Six Pavilions are found in an excellent greenery enclosure that faces the Madrasa on its southern end. The Hauz Khas Complex also offers a peaceful experience that is one of a kind and not found in some other commercial center in Delhi because of its area and the antiquated compositional settings that meets the eye while shopping. At present it is very popular place for the couples. This a recently created park for the visitors that can be found at the perplexing passage close to the tank. Hauz Khas Complex is always open for the visitors. A visit to Hauz Khas Complex is one of the memorable part of your journey.


64. Lodi Garden - Delhi

Lodi Garden

It is one of the famous parks in Delhi to visit with your loved and closed ones. The architectural structure of Lodi garden is covered in the area of 90 acres in the heart at the Delhi. At that point there is an extraordinary park with spread out yards, trees, plants and blossoms. A visit to Lodi garden is one of the unique modes of feeling history and nature at one place. The inside of the adjoining mosque is rich in arabesque stucco stylistic theme, Quranic engravings and geometric outlines are practically florid in their luxury. Lodi Gardens are a genuine paradise of serenity and peace from the rushing area of Delhi. Lodi Garden has now become one of the renowned jogger parks in Delhi. A yoga section is also held every morning in this famous park. Thousands of visitors come there to spend some quality time with their family and friends capturing memorable moments on their cameras.


65. Rashtrapati Bhavan - Delhi

Rashtrapati Bhavan

It is sited in the heart of capital city likewise a home of president for a long time, it is inherent British time before independence of the country by red shading stone. Rashtrapati Bhavan covers acres of land and most of the area is covered by lush green garden, If you didn’t know I would like to tell you that Mughal garden also present in Rashtrapati Bhavan is very popular worldwide due to it thousands of varieties of flowers. This garden remains opened for 1 month once a year in spring season for the common people. It is a historical building set just a short distance from India gate in front of the Rajpath, it is an unbelievable mansion and its design is stunning. It’s a must visit place amid of capital Tour, Home ministry also situated near by it and is located in the Vip zone of capital city. Numbers of security agency give protection to the Rashtrapati Bhavan 24 hrs.


66. Jantar Mantar - Delhi

Jantar Mantar

It is sited close-by Connaught place in the posh area of the city, built by red shading marble look extremely colorful, a rich green garden around gives a stunning view of the Jantar Mantar. When you are going to this spot you will discover little park behind it which is well known place for strike, in late time individuals check time through it. The best time to visit Jantar Mantar is in the middle of February and April or from August to November and the climate as of now is truly pleasant. While a visit in the city, don’t forget to come here to get some historical knowledge, keep in mind that for local tourists a charge of five rupees is applicable. Maintenance work comes under central government of this neat and clean city, after a visit, visitor can likewise get the experience of nearby market of the region, you need to catch metro to reach Jantar Mantar conveniently.


67. Safdarjung's tomb - Delhi

Safdarjung s tomb

Safdarjung's tomb is another exciting building in the city, red marble is used as a part of the creation which gives brilliant perspective. Settled within the heart of town and is one among the widespread places within the space. Most of the part of the tomb is covered by lush Green Park. Several trees you can easily find out here. Local individuals return here to recreate themselves in morning and traveler come back here to explore the history of the Safdarjung’s tomb, set within the busy space of the town. Lots of market are also sited here like Sarojini Nagar market. Winter months are best time to visit here. You can basically reach here by railway line and local transports, else you can rent associate motor vehicle to reach here, Safdarjung's tomb shows to the last period of the Mughal style of structural engineering, the tomb of Safdarjung's tomb was implicit red sandstone and buff stone.


68. National Museum of New Delhi - Delhi

National Museum of New Delhi

The National Museum of New Delhi is the oldest museum in all over India. The collection of the National Museum of New Delhi will make you inspire. The national museum of New Delhi is set on the junction of Janpath in south part of New Delhi. It is the most well-known museum in India. The preservation lab of the National Museum of New Delhi has made massive efforts to turn into a standout amongst the most prevalent research centers in the protection and rebuilding of workmanship articles. Initially its principle undertaking was to take care of the substantial accumulation of the National Museum, however now it additionally serves different foundations, for example, the Raj Bhawans and other open organizations in recognizable proof examination. It additionally performs real reclamation on oil canvases and works of art. All the statues displayed inside the National Museum of New Delhi are mostly in stone, bronze and mud, courting from thousands of centuries, signifying all the main provinces and periods. The collection of the museum includes ceramic, seal, medicines, masses and measures, jewelers, mud figurines, figures, etc.


69. Raj Ghat - Delhi

Raj Ghat

The Raj Ghat – Gandhi Memorial is erected on the tribute to Gandhi, the father of the nation. Raj ghat is the place where Gandhi spend his last moment, it is one of the tourist visited area in the city of Delhi. Raj Ghat is surrounded by lush green parks so don’t miss to explore this place amid you visit. As a respect to the Mahatma, an interminable fire, in a copper urn, continues smoldering there in the memorial. Encasing the remembrance is a low wall, undoubtedly with no ornamentation. Raj Ghat is popular all over the world because of its ancient history and you will surely be thrilled after knowing all the details and especially its amazing history. You will find superb greenery which surrounds the Raj Ghat and it’s really amazing to visit this place with your friends and family. A huge number of travelers come to visit every year.


70. Dilli Haat - Delhi

Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is a great place for shopping especially for ladies in Delhi. It’s a small looking village where you can find amazing handicrafts at reasonable rates. It is also a superb place to visit with your friends and family. You will find the famous food of every region of India in Dilli Haat such as momos from Sikkim, dhokla from Gujrat and many more. Different sections are made for each state’s special food. If you are looking for a place where you can do shopping and eating both then it is the absolute place for you. At some special occasions you will be able to see many cultural programs organized here. You will also see some famous live band performance of different artists coming from all over the universe. It’s India’s art and heritage center. You will mostly experience the awesome rural life and folk art feeling in Dilli Haat.


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