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Things to do in Tetouan

में घूमने योग्य सबसे अच्छे आकर्षण Tetouan

1. Cabo Negro Beach - Tetouan

Cabo Negro Beach

Cabo Negro is a beach resort located in northern Morocco. The beach has a royal gold club, known as the most premier attraction for the visitors in Morocco. Deep blue water with lush greenery makes this resort a serene beauty to relax and enjoy the trip. From the day light excitement to night life, this resort offers 9 hotels, two beaches of sand, restaurants, holiday houses, tennis courts, horse-riding facilities and nightclubs to add spice to a tourist’s fun expedition.


2. Chefchaouen - Tetouan


The Chefchaouen is an otherworldly blue city of the Morocco, known as the ‘Electric City’, this striking tourist attraction is surrounded by the classic mountain scenery and a 500 years old fortress that let it take the top position in a tourist trail. From the house to the trash can, the extravagance lies within the gorgeous blue color, covering everything around. Nonetheless, the City is a true painted canvas for visitors to explore and admire.


3. Medina of Tetouan - Tetouan

Medina of Tetouan

The Medina of Tetouan is the capital of Tetouan, a region of Morocco. The place is a true exhilaration of simplicity and the smallest town in Morocco. The cultural heritage is a perfect illustration of the Andalusian civilization and wonderfully incorporates the features like people weaving, creating jewelry, and leather work amongst the few attractions to explore. Also, the gate of Royal Palace and Spanish colonial buildings is must to explore along with the chaotic small markets and stalls around.

As you walk around the streets you will notice the local people weaving, working on leather and creating jewelry. The medina of Tetouan is a wonderful example of the Andalusian culture incorporating a lot of the features that would be expected from such a culture.


4. Northeast Coastline - Tetouan

Northeast Coastline

The Northeast Coastline is full of prime attractions for beauty explorers. At first glance, the mesmerizing coastline of Morocco spells breathtaking scenery. The lovely beaches, windy highways next to the shore are a view to commend at each twist and turn. Visiting Morocco without enjoying a blazing day at the natural exquisiteness of Northeast coastline is a lost opportunity. Travel around the place as a true depiction of adventurous tourism in Morocco and an irreplaceable exploration.


5. Rif Mountains - Tetouan

Rif Mountains

In Southeast of Tangier and Tetouan lies the paradise of tourists called Rif Mountains. The aesthetic panoramas of lush-green rolling hills lie in the sight of the splendid beauty of Rif Mountains. From hikers to trekkers, everyone praises the striking magnificence that takes in Mediterranean coast and resorts to the atmospheric town of Chefchaouen. It’s a destination that attracts tourists from all over the world and a perfect blend of fascination with the refreshing scenic beauty.


6. Souk District - Tetouan

Souk District

The souk is a fun place to get in the bustling local markets in Morocco. It’s a tourist attraction that is both pleasing to the eyes and delightful to the heart! From many stalls to the textile traders it’s a complete tourist oriented destination to explore. From the fresh bread to the traditional round loaves, also the beautiful clay work to handcrafted goldsmith jewelry is the must have gift items for visitors to add to the memories of Moroccan exploration.


7. Ville Nouvelle - Tetouan

Ville Nouvelle

Also known as the New City, the Tetouan’s Ville Nouvelle is located in center of Avenue Mohammad V. The Spanish origin of this ancient built is thoroughly reflected in its layout and architecture. From the reflection of Spanish population during nineteenth century till today, tourists visit this place to enjoy mint tea or grab a coffee while enjoying the serenity of Ville Nouvelle. Also, the lovely Spanish cathedral of Iglesia de Bacturia is just walk away from the plaza to explore.


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Things to do in Casablanca

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